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VP-Fastile-I6 Arch Ceiling LED Display Project Completed
Data:2017/12/9 0:00:00From:www.verypixel.comAuthor:admin

Good News!VERYPIXEL recently completed a wonderful project of indoor arch ceiling LED display at Wuhan City.

Recent years, LED arch ceiling LED screen becming a symbol of high technology and creativity. These type of LED display screen

appear mostly in shopping mall,relying on air corridors built, ultimatly show people the integration beauty of LED display and architectural.




Compared with conventional LED display,arch LED screen in many aspects such as materials, structure,control systems and

installation maintenance have many high requirements.This whole project took us over 60 days, from design to completion.

Adopted Verypixel's newest independent R&D product VP-Fatile-I6 front service modules.Its front access design allows making

any LED panels available from the front side, which is suitable for some special locations where there is no more space for rear

maintenance. It is particularly suitable for LED Ceiling Display.

For structure,this LED ceiling display used arch aluminum alloy structure as substrate,the front service modules also in a very light

weight, which could hang mount the wall or lift more easier. Verypixel's creative module fast lock makes it supper easy and fast to

assemble & disassemble.


Verypixel professionally combines the Nova synchronous control system, ceiling LED display system as well as the power

distribution system finished the project and received highly recognition.


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