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To Climb the Top of Fenghuang Mountain, Feel the Beauty of Nature----VERYPIXEL April Heath Tour
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 To Climb the Top of Fenghuang Mountain, Feel the Beauty of Nature----VERYPIXEL April Heath Tour



In April 2021, despite the Covid-19 have been torturing the whole world, China is better performing on containing the pandemic so far. And Verypixel just organized non-face mask wearing outdoor activity: Mountain climbing.

Shenzhen is in the best Spring season,full of vitality. Although Summer secretly begins, the weather was quite warm.Thick the normal clothes off, heading into the warm sun, there is always an impulse to embrace of nature.

VERYPIXEL all hands after busy work,plan to breathe fresh air, stretching and do some exercise be close to the nature.

This mountain climbing activities is to promote mutual understanding and communication between team members, strengthen the sense of team spirit construction and to increase the team cohesion. Our December Heath Tour is beginning!!!


Start climbing up! Everybody is high-spirit and exciting towards to the top of mountain.Due to the heath reasons,although some of partners and children feel uncomfortable makes the hiking pace slowed down, they encouraged each other and help each other until to the top.

About 1.5 hours later, all reaching the top of mountain.Breeze blowing, dried our sweat,looking ahead,feeling great, command a panoramic view of all beautiful sights.

Take a nap after a period of time, we began to take pictures. Close to noon,most of us feel hungry and then we start to go down the mountain enjoy a whole fish feast as planned. We finished this healthy journey under comfortable environment and everyone enjoyed the meaningful day.



The hike journey was a contest of physical strength and endurance.The participator in the process of climbing, showing their spirit of hard-working, teamwork, scaled new heights.Not only experienced the difficulty and sense of achivement of climbing, but also show VERYPIXEL is an united,indomitable high-quality Team.

In a word,the climb tour promoted VERYPIXEL's enterprise culture, riched employee's amateur culture life, enhanced the communication and friendship between us, which will make Verypixel Team more stronger.  Skype:verypixel  2007-2018 Verypixel. All Rights Reserved Sitemap