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verypixel stage background led video wall

Who will pay the stage preparation? How to get their sponsor fund?


With increasing competition for sponsorship, event planners for sporting events, special events, fairs and festivals often struggle to break-even, let alone show a profit. For the majority of these events, it is becoming more and more challenging to lure in new sponsors, and equally challenging to retain the ones that have supported them in the past.


Now  there’s a new way for event planners, coordinators and directors to capture in-kind and cash contributions by using large LED screens and a new marketing technique called “narrowcasting.” Narrowcasting is the ability to reach a focused group of consumers in a controlled environment.

This is very different then “broadcasting”.Here is why. At home, when a commercial appears on the TV screen, which is your cue to get up and get something to drink or eat. The exact opposite is true at an event. When a pause in the action occurs at a live event, it is “prime-time” for the sponsor. This is your opportunity to make them shine and give them huge recognition for stepping up and making this event one that people will attend for years to come.

How can you prove to prospective sponsors that a large LED screen will be more profitable for them than a traditional “banner on the fence?”

VERYPIXEL Stage Solution give your answer.  includes LED Stage background, Mesh LED display, Center high definition, Dancing floor, Flex LED Display, LED Ball etc.

 led stage background solution diagram
led stage video screen solution equipment 

Stage Background

The VP-Mesh design has the features of "light","thin", "exquisite", "penetrate ". Convenient installation, withstand wind and dustproof. Application for the stage and surrounding.

Equiped fast-lock connectors with , the LED mesh  is convenient to install & dismantle. Now it has become the most popular fashion elements at the digital stage and bar.

High refresh frequency can meet the requirement of the shooting.


led mesh display detail 


Center High Definition

With high definition, the extremely bright units of the LED Video Screen it offers true RGB possibilities that make the image and video sharp and brilliant enough for stage events, presentations, TV studios, multimedia advertising boards, full color demos, and other LED screens.

Our stage LED display is equipped with a professional audio and video system to process multiple signals, which ensures the quality from signal processing and make it possible to play high fidelity images.
The LED screen is controlled by two computers with duel cable features. When one computer fails, the other computer automatically takes over the work, thus ensuring normal operation of the display.


project case of vp-mesh stag background led display


Dancing Floor

Dancing floor provides vivid flaming passion; audience will highly light up with dancing enthusiasm. Our product function introduction as follow:

dance floor led displayStunning design, comprising maximum 16384 full-color pixels. Display video could both synchronously and asynchronously with thousands of millions colors.
Independent power supply and can dissipate heat efficiently.
Corrosion resistant aluminum-alloy structure, which enable super high durability.
Smooth and scratch-proof plastic-alloy cover, PC material...
The modularized design enables easy and fast installation, seamless juncture and random combination with waterproof IP65.
Big viewing angle. 140 degree at horizontal line, 140 degree at vertical line, you can see at every angle at this range, no picture twist, no color excursion.


led dance floor


Flex LED Display


flex led display moduleVP-FLEX is ultra thin, super light, flexible LED display screen with high resolution, Verypixel soft LED curtain display screen – VP-FLEX is ultra-light weight, semi-transparent, reliable and foldable LED video display suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. It’s specially designed for both backdrop applications and creative video shape design.

 Soft LED display screen VP-FLEX is ultra-slim, flexible mesh structure, which enables the perfect combination of installation flexibility and video picture shapes. The flexible VP-FLEX only can be formed into any shape or molded over any object, but also can equally be deployed as a flat LED video screen.


Flexible scroll Curtain LED 


LED Ball Display


led ball 

LED video globe or LED ball is one of Verypixel’s most innovative irregular LED display. Actually, it’s shape as a sphere; you can also call it LED sphere. Please pay attention to our LED ball picture effects @ youtube video >>>

VP-Ball is one of most innovative, unique and amazing products in the whole LED industry. Breaking through the traditional viewing frame, brings special aesthetics and attract audience in first time which bring dynamic, extraordinary visual effect and deeply unforgettable impression.



LED Sphere Display features

Customizable: VP-BALL diameter size can be customized from 1m to 6m,Allow hanging installation, stand on ground
or mobile using.
Effect: The creative appearance and wonderful showing effect attracts most attention during the usage. 
Structure: Aluminum material structure which lighter weighs and better for heat dissipation.
Design: Special PCB design which can make sure the showing picture distortionless.
Maintain: Service front and rear maintenance.

LED video globe

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