• VP-MEGA Outdoor P31.25x31.25 Building LED strip display
  • Type:LED Media Facade
  • Model:VP-MEGA-O31.25x31.25
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  • Available applications:
    VP-MEGA is suitable for
    building decoration,
    shopping malls
    indoor/outdoor stage solution

Tag: P31.25x31.25 Building RGB LED displays, P31.25x31.25 Gaint LED curtain display, P31.25x31.25 LED media facade


VP-MEGA-O31.25x31.25 is a new kind of display screen which integrated the advantages of the traditional screen-high resolution, high quality, high Grey level, and more lighter. Abandoned the disadvantages of the transmission issue cause by the signal interruption. It is the best choice for indoor and outdoor application. 


VP-MEGA Characteristic

>> Good quality VP-MEGA , green products with low consumption.
>> Constant currency, long lifespan. >> Anti-static, thunder proof.
>> Working environment:-30°C to 60°C
>> Standard IP67 protective design, meet requirements for severe circumstance.


VP-MEGA Material

>> Adopt good quality aluminum for the body,two times oxidation treatments.
>> Connector plated by gold, lowest electric resistance, high antioxidant ability.
>> High ability of water proof and air corrosion, the adaptability of high temperature is strong.
>> Fixed by stainless screw with beautiful appearance and, rust proof.

VP-MEGA Topology


VP-MEGA LED strip display

VP-MEGA Installation

VP-MEGA LED media wall installation


Screen Parameters

Name VP-MEGA 31.25*31.25
Unit size 1500mm*1000mm*10.2mm
Pixel pitch 31.25*31.25mm
Light color 2R2G2B SMD
Density 1024Pix/ m2
Driving IC MBI5041
Seal IC Epistar
Control Online real time display system
Weight 12kg/ m2
Unit area 1.5 m2
Max power 450W/ pcs
Brightness ≥9200cd
Resolution 1536pix/ pcs
Unit pixel 48pix*32pix/unit
Driving mode Static, constant currency
Frame rate 15 to 75Hz
Refresh rate ≥5000Hz
Grey Level 16bits*16bits*16bits
Color change 16777216
Lifespan ≥50,000h
Voltage AC220V
Protective level IP67
Humidity ≥20%-95%RH
Light transmission rate ≥79%
Working temperature -20°C to +70°C

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