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Light Emitting Diode, the heart of LED display screen, like an electronics diode it lets electricity flow in only one direction. The little wire encapsulated in the epoxy center emits light when electricity flows from the Cathode (positive lead) to the Anode (negative lead). Photons are then released to travel to your eye which are detected by your rods and cones and sent to your brain, no mater what size! An LED can last from 10 years and longer, far out lasting a standard bulb so you see why we use them for Fiber Optics. Verypixel specially design the LED chips, which could improve the chip uniformity. And outsource the package production to the most reliable supplier, then LED lamp raw material quality secured.


LEDs is commonly used in two kinds of packages, namely DIP (Dual ln-line Package) and SMD(Surface Mounted Devices)


DIP LEDs perforated for PCB installation, it's more convenient for wiring and operations. Owing to the larger ratio between chips area and packagings, so the brightness is much higher,can be make a cover to waterproof and dustproof, mianly apply to outdoor advertising displays.


dip led



SMD LEDs have a lower brightness, packaging chips  are smaller than DIP LEDs chips. SMD LEDs can be mounted to PCB using SMT technology. Most of SMD LED display are unable to withstand the harsh outdoor environments, except outdoor SMD LED display. SMD LEDs light-emitting angle is wide an d the size is smaller, so they are commnly use for indoor applications.




The fail value of an LED display general controled under 3/10000 dots. If the failure ratio is higher than this value then we should maintain the LEDs on the module,mostly VERYPIXEL will offer our customers some spare parts for their project.

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