• VP-O6SMD Outdoor LED Display
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    Outdoor High-end advertising application

    billboards, Information Display and so on

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p6 outdoor smd led display screen 

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Features of P6 Outdoor


>> Highlight LED lamps and A-class material plastic parts.
>> The chip packaging using pure glod wire welding, red chips use double golden wires ensure the stability.

>> Copper plated with silver holder; Gold-plated signal and power connectors, Butterfly clasp environmentally pure copper cable; Pure copper power cable.

>> Dedicated high-end outdoor black face glue, ink brush five-sided lamp beads, black plastic irrigation to ensure Screen screen color consistency.

P6 Outdoor SMD and P6 Full Color Process Features


>> LED Discrete Control Technology

Because of the paramenter differences of LED light material and long- term use attenuation resulting in poor uniformity of LED pixels and mosaic,which become a common problem at the LED display industry.

VERYPIXEL use "LED discrete control technology" to improve the original method of the current regulation of the entire screen, luminescent materials to be procured before processing sub-unified file, the same grade of material concentrated in a particular area of the display body by regulatory region of luminance and chrominance synthesis to achieve uniformity of the entire screen to adjust.At the same time, using the single point/single color adjustment technology, greatly improving the brightness of the screen body/uniformity.


>> Arrange / Process technology

Technicians through long-term experience concluded that use unique equal space technology apply to LED single light in order to achieve good mixing effect.Ensure the LED display video image is clear, softy.


>> The application of fixing mask

Adopt Fixed Mask in order to make sure LED single light in-line and position precision and meanwhile ensure the screen background color consistency and uniformity under black screen situation.


LED Parameters

Item Luminous Intensity Viewing Angle(H/V) Wavelength Test Condition Outdoor SMD LED Chips 
Red LED 700-800mcd 140º/140º 615-630nm 25℃,20mA
Green LED 1600-1800mcd 140º/140º 515-530nm 25℃,20mA
Blue LED 260-350mcd 140º/140º 465-475nm 25℃,20mA


Module Parameters

Pixel Pitch 6mm  P10 SMD Outdoor LED Display modules
Pixel Configuration 1R1G1B SMD 3in1
Module Resolution 32dots*32dots for real
Module Pixels 1024 dots
Module Size 192mm*192mm
Module Weight 0.38KG


Cabinet Parameters

Cabinet Size(W*H*D) 960*960*160(mm)  P10 SMD Outdoor LED Display screen cabinet
Cabinet Resolution 160dot*160dot for real
Module Quantity 5*5=25 pcs
Cabinet Pixels 25600 dots
Pixel Density 27777 dot/sqm
Avg. Power Consumption 290W/sqm
Max. Power Consumption 780W/sqm
Material Iron or Aluminum
Cabinet Weight 60KG for iron cabinet;
40KG for aluminum cabinet


Screen Parameters

Brightness ≥6000cd/sqm
Contrasts (Max. /Min.) 1.1:1
Driving Method Static
View Angle Horizontal 140° Vertical 120°
Optimal Viewing Distance 6m to 100m
Brightness Control Red, Green and Blue 256 Grade/Each
Fresh Frequency ≥600Hz
Frame Frequency 50 - 60Hz
Input Voltage AC220V/50Hz or AC110V/60Hz
Defects Rate ≤0.00001
Screen Weight ≤65kg/sqm for Iron cabinet /45kg/sqm for Aluminum cabinet
MTBF >10,000 hours
Life Span ≥100,000 hours
Brightness Uniformity <3%
Earth Leakage Current <3mA
Protective Grade IP65
Temperature-operating ﹣40°C to 60°C
Humidity-operating 10% to 90%
Operating System  Windows98/me/2000/NT/XP/win7

Outdoor SMD Display

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