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The Smallest Diameter Spherical Screen P4 Born in VERYPIXEL
Data:2016/5/18 0:00:00From:www.verypixel.comAuthor:admin

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Last weekend, VERYPIXEL created a new world record-the world smallest diameter spherical screen P4 completed commissioning and enter into the aging stage.




The product with diameter of 750mm, can be used for bracket mounting or hoisting, our engineers only use two kinds of PCB specifications to complete the sphere installation, the circuit design is very rigorous precision.




Skeleton was made by aluminum welding products, containing module weighs only 20KG. The aluminum design has a natural cooling advantages, which eliminating the need for cooling fans.




As we all know, electronic products have fewer number of accessories and lower failure rate. Based on the above considerations, we designed the entire sphere with 25 PCB stitching together, resolve the difficulties of PCB circuit bending stability as well as handling splicing gap problem.


P4 black light design, high contrast, great display effect; high gradation and the refresh rate, rich color images display.


VERYPIXEL now have mastered the world's most advanced spherical LED display development technology, which gave us the reason to be proud. VERYPIXEL successfully created two world record in LED spherical screen field ( click this link to know more about the world's largest outdoor P8SMD spherical display ). Accompanied with mature technology of product development, lower cost of R&D, if you have a spherical display project, come to us, VERYPIXEL would be your wisest choice.


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