LED stage display-LED dance floor

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You can create a stunningly dynamic floor and produce amazing visual effects with LED Dance Floors. The software and hardware allow you to project graphics, animations, pictures, text, videos, and much more. LED Video Dance Floors are easy to install and are equally suitable for permanent installations or mobile production and rentals.




Features of LED stage display-LED Dance floor

1. Surface cover strengthen :Change to 4mm polycarbonate Material, More light and durable, easy to delivery

2. Backbone strengthen :which add two extra backbone, make the structure more firm

3. Quick installation : specially ground bracket design, save more than half time to finish the installation

4. Multi function : except use as led floor, it also support hanging application

5. Transmittance :Pc board light transmission rate up to 89%, UV coated plate in the sunlight, light transmission loss of only 6% after ten years, the PVC wastage rate of up to 15%-20%, glass fiber is 12-20 percent.

6. Resistance to impact:The impact strength is 250-300 times that of ordinary glass, the equivalent thickness of the acrylic plate 30 time, 2-20 times that of tempered glass, two meters below the 3kg hammer falling cracks, "broken glass" and ring of steel "reputation".

7. Light Weight : Accounts for only half of the glass, to save transportation, unloading, installation, and the cost of supporting frame.

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