Precautions use of the studio LED video wall

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With the development of the small pitch LED screen, LED displays are becoming more and more wide using in broadcasting industry. This trend also shows that LED screens are increasingly popular in TV studios. However, there are great difference in TV studio LED video wall effect during the using of LED displays. Some of the LED studio video wall shows colorful picture , look clear an stable throughout. But some of look really unclear when in the long-range perspective, which require us to pay attention to the following few questions when choosing and using an studio LED video wall.

1.Best shooting distance.

As we mentioned before, different pitches or lamination factor of an LED screen are suitable for different shooting distances. For example, while the pixel pitch is 4.25mm, lamination factor is 60%, the distance between screen shot characters are appropriate in 4-10 meters, which can get a good background display effect. If you stand too close to take the photo, it would show grainy and also easy to generate moire.



VP-PAD HD indoor LED display

VERYPIXEL now has pretty mature technologies to make the pixel pitch to 2.5mm for indoor display: VP-PAD series. This product is possess the high refresh rate, brilliant color rendering, especially for TV studio LED video wall use.

2.The pixel pitch should be as small as possible

Pitch is the distance between two adjacent pixels of an LED module. The smaller pitch is , the more pixels are put into per unit area and also the higher the resolution is. That helps you take photos closer, of course the price would be higher. For now, the pitches of LED screen used in domestic television studio mainly are 6-8 mm. Thus we have to seriously study the relationship between resolution of the signal source and pixel pitches in order to achieve the best display effects. 




3.Color Temperature adjustable

When the LED display uses as background in a TV studio, it requires the screen color temperature should be consistent with the studio lighting color temperature. According to program requirements in studio, sometimes we need to use a low color temperature 3200K lamp, but sometimes use a high color temperature 5600K lamp. At the meantime, LED display screen need to be adjusted to the appropriate color temperature to obtain a good shooting effect. 

4.Ensure a good operation environment

Life span and stability of the LED screen have a close relationship with the working temperature. If the actual temperature exceeds the specified range products, it not only would shorten its life but also the product itself would be seriously damaged. In addition, the threat of dust can not be ignored. Too much dust get into the screen will decline the thermal stability of the LED screen even cause leakage or burn. Dust will absorb moisture in the air, which corrode electronic circuits, resulting in some short-circuit problems that difficult to troubleshoot. Therefore, please pay attention to maintaining a clean environment in TV studio.


studio LED video wall


There is no patchwork on LED screen, which makes more perfect images. Lower power consumption and less heating make it energy saving. It has a good consistency to ensure that the picture display undifferentiated; small size cabinet facilitates to make a smooth background shape; color gamut coverage higher than other display products; Has a better advantage of the weak reflective properties , high operation reliability and low maintenance costs in post-operation.

Certainly, LED display screen possess these advantages that should be use appropriately can totally show its superior effects. Thus, if you are finding a good quality LED display use for your television programs, why don’t you choose VERYPIXEL? We have an Excellent R & D team and product quality assurance factories. We will help you to create a technical background product  for you according to different studio conditions and program formats and requirements only to make these new technologies to maximize its advantages.

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