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As a rising star in the LED display industry, Verypixel has offered many high quality LED displays. Among all the products, the sports LED display, aslo called perimeter advertising board, is very popular on the world market and is highly recommended.


sport led display   

Features of sports LED display

1. Thanks to the sports LED display unique design, the gradient of the cabinet can be changed easily 75-90 according to actual applications, thereby offering optimum performance for viewing and camera shooting.

2. Our stadium perimeter screen can be taken Front Service design, The surface of the sports LED display is made of soft materials, and the cover is also very soft. Thu, both our product and athletes are well protected against damages or injuries.

3. The implementation of a high effcient fiber-optic communication system hreatly reduces signal delay that is caused by long transmission distance, thus ensuring image consistency.

4. Two computers are in charge of one display at the same time. If there is something wrong with one computer, the other one will take over automatically to guarantee that normal pictures are still provided. This is called dual-cable hot standby function.

5. Our sports LED display is able to deliver regular performance even in rainly days due to its excellent waterproof property. IP65 for front side and back side.

6. The specialized software is outfitted to achieve various operations, such as managing scores,  editing program list, displaying game recap and advertisement, etc.

7. The refresh rate is as high as 2000 HZ. This perfectly meets the requirements of dynamic shot on the sport filed, and twinkling is avoided. 

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