The Theory of LED White Light Forming Principle

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This article will introduce you the synthetic principle of LED tricolor. Do you know what is RGB LED lights and how does synthetic light forming?  RGB LED is different from white light. While RGB LED is synthesized by red green blue color LED,but white light is directly use fluorescent powder to make white light.


RGB lights imaging theory: RGB lamp integrated the three primary colors together.


the color formation principle of white LED lamp


RGB lamps significantly better than white-light led in applications. for example,car light, traffic signals,showcases, ect.When you need to use a band of lights,RGB color mixing can do whatever color you want. To compare with white leds,it apparently better. On the other hand, in lighting applications, the white lights is much better than RGB leds because the luminous flux of white lights is superior. Thus RGB LEDs mainly use for decoration. 


There are some issues in fluorescent powder light but optical attenuation is the biggest problem. VERYPIXEL signified clearly taht RGB LED lamp is much better than white light LED in clarity and color purity. Under specific circumstance, RGB LED is five times brighter than fluorescent powder light. In addition,the chip of white light is very expensive, that the reason Mr. Lin tend to develop RGB LED.  




Verypixel full color LED gas price sign aging


People who like high definition will easily find that some LED backlight boards make the color particularly clear ans bright.In term of light mixing, RGB LED lamps just like a palette can be changed the color whatever you want but could still show the audience a real colorful world.


It is possible to separate Red, Green, Blue lamp and control directly. However,it is hard to achieve pure white color. Comparing with white LED light, RGB is more expensive but superior quality. Duing to differently frequency wavelength, there might be some dispersion issues.


RGB light still needs to be strengthened in controlling the problem. For example, if there is only one lamp broken, the entire screen will be quite obvious to find out. On the contrary,white light LED can fix this problem. If we use few white light LED to fix the broken RGB LED then the whole screen will also have a good display effect. 

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