How much you know about LED display screen?
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LED display screen also called electronic LED display screen or a floating word screen. It is made up of LED dot - matrix LED PC Panel and use red, blue, white, green LED lights up to display text, picture, animation and video. The display content can be adjusted according to different needs in different occasions. It can also be changed at any time according to different needs; the components are modular structure of various parts of the display. Traditional LED display is consisting of displaying module, control system and power system.



Outdoor full color LED billboard


LED luminous colors and efficiency are related to the technology and manufacture of LED materials. The entire LED light ball are blue and then followed by phosphors, according to the different needs of customers, we adjusted the light to different colors. Red, green and blue widely used. Due to LED obtained the advantages of low voltage, can light up the initiative, brightness and power consumption voltage regulation, resistant to shock, vibration, and long life time( 100,000 hours ), therefore, in large display devices, there is no other way to compete with LED display.


The red and green LED chips or lamp put together as a single pixel, we called it single color or monochrome screen or dual - color and dual-color screen. The red, green blue LED chips are put together as a single pixel; we called it tricolor screen or full color screen. If there is only one color, we called it single color screen. Producing an indoor LED screen pixel size is generally 2-16 mm while outdoor screen pitch is 6-31.5 mm. Indoor LED display often use several different color of LED chips packaging as a whole, while outdoor LED display is composed of a number of monochrome LED. Common product called pixel tube, bi-color pixel tube usually made up of 2 red 1 green and three - color pixel tube with 1 red 1 green 1 blue.



Singal red LED sign board


When making a single color, bicolor or tricolor with LED screen, the brightness of every pixel is demand to be adjustable. The precision is the grey level of the screen. The higher the levels of gray, the more exquisite and colorful images are, and the corresponding display control system is also more complicated. General 256 - level grayscale image, the color transition is very soft, while the 16 - level gray scale color image, color transition boundaries are clear. Therefore, color LED screens are currently required to make 256 - to 4,096 - level gray scales.


LED display screen is obtaining attention and rapidly development is depending on its great advantages. LED digital marquee sign possesses the characteristics of environmental protection, high brightness, high definition and high reliability. Outdoor digital LED pole sign market is satisfied to people’s demands but LED display products are below quality standards in the last stage. With the development of LED display, LED products now have a new breakthrough, at least had a great progress than last step. LED display screen will appear a larger and broader space for development. LED displays are not only has glorify effect but also making people’s working & daily life closer.

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