7 Tips to improve heat dissipation of LED display screen
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In practical using,improving the heat dissipation for LED display can not only effectively increase heat dissipation but also can achieve power - saving effect, which are more conducive to improving the service life of LED display screen.



VP-Light Box Series LED outdoor advertising display


1. Using fans to heat dissipation. The internal lamps adopt long lifespan fans to strengthen the heating dissipation. This is a common method and it is low cost, more efficiency.

2. Using aluminum fin heat dissipation. This is the most common way to heat dissipation, use aluminum cooling fins as part of the shell to increase the thermal area.

3. Using the theory of air fluid dynamics. Adopting the light hull shape to producing convection air, which is the lowest - cost way to strengthen the heat sink.

4. Surface radiation heat treatment, is a relatively simple application of radiation thermal paint, you can heat radiation from the surface of the lamp shell.

5. Thermal Conductivity of thermal integration--Application of ceramics with high thermal conductivity. LED lamp shell heat sink is aim to reduce the HD chip temperature. Owing to LED chip expansion

coefficient has great difference with mental expansion coefficient and expansion coefficient of heat-sink materials, so LED chips cannot be welded directly to avoid high and low temperature thermal

stress damaged LED display chips.

6. Using heat pipe for heat dissipation. Adopt heat pipe Technology, guiding the heat of LED display chips to shell cooling fins.

7. Making thermal conductivity in plastic case, filling thermal interface material at the time of injection molding so as to increase the heat conductive & colling capability of plastic shells.


The maturity and progress of LED display screen heat transfer technology will benefit to saving, environmental protection idea. There are variety of methods to improve heat dissipation of LED display

screens in production. According to the power and application places, heating sink will have different considerations, for example, our LIGHT-BOX series of outdoor advertising LED light box display, is a very good product heat dissipation design.

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