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Verypixel History

2014  Focused on market segmentation and endeavored to cultivate the global markets

Apr.  Verypixel Launched VP-DIGI, VP-LIGHT BOX, VP-PRE, VP-MESH, VP-FASTILE, VP-GIGA and VP-MEGA to the market.

May.  Verypixel Launched VERYPIXEL controlling system, which is designed for VP-DIGI.

Aug.  Verypixel won another series project from Princess Cruise, and successfully installed Golden, Star, Island, Coral, and Grand Princess Theatres.


2013 Verypixel tripled the sales tureover of 2012

Dec.  Verypixel won another major bid from China Telecom, which saturated 4 months production in Shenzhen factory.

Jun.  Verypixel started cooperation with Princess Cruises, and successfully completed the installation of Regal and Ruby Princess Theatres.

Apr.  2013  Verypixel products decorated famous vehicle manufacturer's factory with over 270 LED publicity signs.


2012 Launched VP-PAD, VP-FASTILE, VP-FLEX for stage solution

Mar.  Verypixel present many new products and designed the first VP-BALL to the market.

Sep.  Verypixel performed super well in North America market, with a regional sales turnover 7 million USD.

Nov.  Together with UK partners, Verypixel Strongly Participated in London Olympics and present many fancy rental purpose products.


2011 Present VP-SMARTILE and VP-BALL to the market and caused sales booming

May.  Launched VP-Smartile to the international market, which generated sales booming.

Aug.  Started a program solution department, which is specialized in providing tailored solution for professional customers.


2010 The biggest LED Display PCB manufacturer and LED display parts manufacturer

Mar.  Verypixel Henan factory is the biggest LED display PCB manufacturer in China, providing one third of total volume for the whole industry.

Apr.  Verypixel took great advantage of Cheap labor in Henan province and move a lot of facility to that area.

Aug.  Headquatered in Beijing, and building a brand Interhel specialized in LED queue system.


2009 Became one of the top 10 LED display manufacturers

July.  Invested on the biggest PCB factory in Henan Province, and join strategy partnership with Foxcon Henan.
Honored numerous cerficates such as Rohs, CE, FCC, CCC and so on.
Sep.  Started robust market share in North America market.


2008 Honored one of the top 30 LED display manufacturers

Jan.  Won the bid of China Mobile project of 125 stores advertising program.

Mar.  Increased the register capital up to 4 million.

Nov.  Verypixel brand well accepted by many famous brands such as KFC group, King Liqours, TBS TV and so on.

Dec.  Exported to more than 50 countries and regions; Annual export ratio reached 35%. 


2007 Successfully debut on the LED display market

Apr. Won the bid of China Telecom project of 400 service stores queue system, equiped with huge quantity of LED displays.

Dec. Started to export department, and entered 15 countries market.

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