Creative LED Display LIST
Creative LED Display
Type:Unique LED Screen
Model:Creative LED Display

Available applications: 
Outdoor/indoor advertising application

stagebackground, Information Display and so on

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Tag: Creative LED Display, LED diamond sign, LED cola cans sign, LED Pear display, LED Disk Display

Creative LED Display market is undergoing tremendous evolution, from fixed installation LED billboard to flexible LED Flex display, and now the current irregular shape display. Except for the traditional function of showing information, Creative LED display also updated the requirement on outside looking, which made it more suitable for the whole structure.

VERYPIXEL Unique LED Display family add a some new members, there are LED diamond DJ booth display, LED cola cans sign, LED pear display and so on.

As a maturely developed LED display manufacturer, Verypixel not only offers LED display products and turn-key LED project service, but also is aiming to provide the most suitable, market-oriented and best cost-performance products to all of our customers.

LED Diamond DJ Booth

LED Diamond DJ Booth Verypixel_diamond_shape_LED_DJ_booth_display

LED Cola Cans Sign


LED Pear Display

LED Pear Sign

LED Disk Display


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