VP-Wonderful Series LIST
VP-Wonderful Series
Type:Rental LED Display
Model:VP-Rental screen Series

Available applications:
Indoor rental, information display
stage background and so on.

Tag: led rental screen, led die-casting cabinet display, rental led sign

Product Features


Light weight: Large unit and light weight. The cabinet can be as light as 13KG.
Ultra thin: The thinnest point of the cabinet is only 65mm, making it easily to be fitted in small room.
Seamless connection: The aluminum die-casting technology, together with the high-precision CNC procession, makes the precision reach ±0.05mm so as to achieve seamless assembly.
Low power consumption: Combined with the brightness auto-adjusting technology and PFC power supply, Low current can save energy over 35%, which in other words is to save money.
Easy to maintain: No need to disassemble the whole screen for maintenance. Each component can be detach individually for that purpose.
Noiseless: The aluminum structure requires no fan. Combined with the noiseless power supply, the cabinet is totally silent.
Ghost canceling: Exquisite and clear picture quality with no ghost. Both upstream and downstream ghosts can be automatically canceled.
High refresh rate: Over 2880Hz refresh rate to ensure the picture wrinkle-less, line-less and stable.
Low brightness and High gray scale: 14Bit-16Bit gray scale to bring excellent performance when brightness is reduced to 20%.

Cabinet Structure

casting led display screen, led rental sign 

led die-casting cabinets structure 

Product Parameters

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