Daktronics Fulfilled the First 1.9mm LED Samll Pitch Case in USA
2015/11/16 0:00:00

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Recently, the first small pitch LED display case(P1.9mm) of Daktronics has been delivered. Daktronics designed this 1.9mm LED display screen for their long term customer-The New England Patriots ( football team ) at  Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass.This project was debut as the background of the Patriot press conference on November 1st.




This LED billboard is about 5 feet(1.524m) high,10 feet(3.084m) wide and the total area is about 50 square feet(4.645 square meters). It mainly used to play the information of sponsors and introduction of football team brand. With vivid colors and sharp images broadcasting,it built very professtional playback video.


According to reports, Daktronics indoor high resolution small pitch LED display products have fast processing technology, which makes it becomes an ideal solution of close-up playback & fast-moving video content.




In all in electronics manufacturing industry, LED video display is a handful of leading industry by Chinese. In recent two years, small spacing LED digital sign spring up to Chinese market thatleft Daktronics or Barco  far away behind us. Verypixel high quality small pitch LED display series be equal to Daktronics LED display products.


Verypixel Small Pitch Series

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