Hunan theatre art troupe, VP-Mesh bloom splendor
2013/12/2 0:00:00

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Since the shock of the exquisite performance of Ink roll LED display screen in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony, more and more LED display is active in all kinds of domestic television station and entertainment stage. In recent years, LED display screen has become the leading part of stage performance on concerts and TV programs. 
On November 25, 2013, verypixel star product VP-Mesh was located in the fourth studio of Hunan theatre art troupe. Beautiful and unpredictable LED stage let the audience eye-opening. The total area of 115 sqm LED color screen included main stage display, door LED display, arc side display were provided by verypixel. 


 led stage background 

Adopting VP-Mesh P10 SMD LED display s the main stage screen which is features of light weight, high transparent rate, set up the stage quickly and easily, brilliant color and SMD screen unique exquisite pictures, completely satisfying the requirements of all kinds of video display stage background.

LED mesh display 

Door side screen is adopted with VP-MESH P16 SMD LED display; add radiance together with main screen: flexible splicing mode brings out the magnificence of stage effects.


 led Curtain display manufacturer 

VP - Mesh unique splicing structure, made it possible to have stage cylindrical side screen effect, convenient maintenance and stability of product quality, also ruled out all the worries for the customer.

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