What is LED display and how to buy LED sign?
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• Investing on Led signs
• Types Of Led Signs
• Advantages of Led displays
• Applications of Led screens
• Led display structure
• Advertising LED billboards
• Information LED Signage
• Led Display quotation
• Led display viewing Distance
• Verypixel Quality Control

• Investing on Led signs
• Advertising LED boards: Best investment on Led displays is for advertisement. Since modern Led displays can be used as Big size TV screen it can reach thousands of audience. For each advertisers, they can earn back their money by selling advertising mins.
• Attracting customers: Many shopping malls use the led display to attract more customers. Some will show statistics with business increase of 16% to 160%. 
• Information and Guiding LED signage: These led displays will update the passing by customers with the right information. This will make your business more efficient and will attract customers with information

• Types Of Led Signs
• Full Color Led Displays: Full Color are used for entertaining and advertisement. Also called commercial led displays. It is possible to show Video, Text, Pictures actually it can show anything like a PC monitor. 
• Double Color Displays: These are used for some pictures and information. Price is more cheap since you have less leds (compared to the commercial displays). It is possible to mix 3 colors. 
• Single Color Displays: Pure for Text Information and symbols mostly with some scrolling, alternating text function. Most chosen colors are Amber and Red.
• Advantages of Led displays
• Long life span: Led Technology has improved in all these years. The life time is incredible long more than 10 years. 
• Easy maintaining: Since most Led displays are made of Led modules it used a dynamic system. Service is easy Just changing the led modules can fix the problem. 
• High Brightness: Since most LCD screen, projectors can not achieve high brightness, for led displays it is very easy to achieve 2000 cd/m2 for indoor and 8000cd/m2 for outdoor. Even with high sun you can see the Led display very clear.
• Customized Sizes: Led displays can have HUGE sizes. It is build up with led panels and led modules. So you can achieve very big led displays to attract more audience that can see it from far away. Very nice for Concerts. 
• Large viewing angle: Led displays have a very big viewing angle mostly around 120 degree horizontal. 

• Led display applications
• Indoor led applications: Cinemas, Concert, Disco, Church, Presentation, Information panel, big Events, Exhibition, Shopping Store... 
• Outdoor led applications: Led Billboard, Transport and Traffic Guiding Systems, Shopping complex, Sport events, Scoreboard, ... 

• Led display structure
• Square shape: The shape of led displays are determined by the shape of the led module. Since it is a bombination of led modules, a lot shapes are possible.
• Round shape: Some times you see some dislays that have a round shape. This are actually a combination of angled square led modules.

• Advertisement Displays
• Color: Most of these displays are full color (RGB) or with virtual effects (2RGB)
• Content: Main content is video and pictures it is advised to work with designers together for nice content.
• Viewing distance: Is the most important question when you buy a led display. The price will fully determine on it.

 Information LED Signage

• Color: Amber , Red are the most famous one.
• Text size: Text height and total pixels high is very important for this kind of display.Most Text standards are 8 pixels high. For every 10 meter the text size should increase with 2,5 cm. This standard is used in a lot of applications.
• Led Display quotation
• Led supplier: Price of the led displays is the most difficult part. Every Led supplier will have their own price and the difference is big. It all depends on the material they use. Once the customer ask cheaper prices they have to buy a bigger pitch, once that is not an option the led supplier might use low quality material that might affect the product in a few months or after a few years depends how low they can go. Since everything is possible in China it is very dangerous to screw with the quality. 
• Indoor and Outdoor Price: Outdoor is always more expensive than indoor for the same kind of display. This is also very normal since outdoor led displays have high requirements for the waterproof, so it needs more material and time to make it.
• Pitch Price: Everyone in the led display world will talk about the Led pitch. At the moment the led pitch for indoor and outdoor are getting smaller and smaller. And ofcourse the smaller the pitch means higher resolution and the more expansive the led display will be. 
• Full Color and Single Color: Since full color have more leds the price is always higher than single color. Ofcourse if the leds are from the same brand.

• Brand of Leds: Main cost of Led display is in the Leds. The more leds the higher the price. Most famous brand around the world are Nichia, Avago, Cree, Orsam... These leds will only be used in high-end led displays. Price is 2-4 times more expansive than Leds from China. So the display price will also increase by 2-4 times. Leds of China today can compete with those big Led companies in commercial displays. Mostly you can`t even notice a difference and lifetime won`t be much different. Led display suppliers will try to sell the expansive brand because they can earn much more money for each square meter.
• Led material: Price depends on every material we are not only talking about leds but also the PCB, Plastic, Capacitors, Cabinet housing, Silicon... will influence the price. Using the best led in combination with bad material will always result in a bad product. 
• Service: Front service will always cost more, Rental displays... 

• Led display viewing Distance
• Pitch: Pitch is the distance between the leds. The smaller the pitch the bigger the resolution and also the price will go higher.
• Far distance led displays: When the distance of led displays is far it is not needed to have a small pitch. Since the human eye can`t see details when it is far. For example when a sign is 30 meter away it is hard to notice the difference between pitch 10 and pitch 16. It is advised to cheaper when you can`t see a difference.
• Small size led displays: Small size displays will have a small viewing distance. So the pitch should be bigger and price will go higher
• Verypixel LED display quality control
• It is very hard to pick high-quality Led displays and for outdoor is it even more difficult
• Waterproof: It is a must to do a waterproof test on all outdoor displays. The cabinet itself has to be sealed. This procedure if very important and led suppliers in China will take this lightly.
• Uniformity: The surface should be as flat as possible. with tolerance of +/-1mm. 
• Optical: For full color display it is important to have this test. Once you do the test you can see if the led modules are all from the same BIN and RANKS.

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