Seven Steps in Purchasing Outdoor LED Advertising Player

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Outdoor LED screen has become a beautiful scenery line of the tall buildings in the city now, however, there are some frequent problems happened of the outdoor LED display because of the harsh climate and environment recently, it is often seen that Spontaneous combustion and current leakage exist. Therefore, what should we pay attention to when we purchase the outdoor LED display?



Relating to the LED display for indoor applications, LED outdoor advertising player need to have high resolution in order to meet the demonstration effect of various long distance or high ambient light conditions. -- The resolution of traditional liquid crystal display only can reach 1024 * 768, according to the actual test data display, resolution requirements of outdoor applications display equipment must be at least 1920 × 1200, then it can normal display in the effect of sunlight. For outdoor LED advertising Player, resolution won’t become the big problem in the popularization and application.

However, the outdoor environment changes so quickly, in order to make the outdoor LED advertising display player adapt to cluttered environments, in addition to the "resolution", but the problem of LED display dustproof, waterproof, anti-theft, anti riot, lightning protection, anti electromagnetic interference reflection and so on are all digital signage system that need to think and solve.

What is outdoor LED Screen needed except for high resolution?

Our new product VP-LIGHTBOX fully considers the factors about the following aspects in the design.



Outdoor LED advertising screen need to be waterproof and dustproof: If you want full outdoor use, waterproof and dustproof is the first thing you are going to face, the case of the equipment protection level must be waterproof, waterproof grade generally can up to IPX5, it can run normally in the rain; the dust is the most important factor that can decrease the efficiency of goods and speed up aging of goods, outdoor display device need to have a special design of dustproof structure and dust filtration products, dustproof level also need to rate to IP65.

Outdoor LED screen advertising machine need have intelligent constant temperature: LED outdoor advertising display screen have three major aspects heat which are from solar radiation, air convection, the internal electronic components, according to the different local temperature and different directions that devices are placed in, different LCD advertising machine need to have a exact temperature control scheme. Some are conditioner cooling, the others are adopted forced air cooling type radiating. But no matter what kind of cooling scheme, merchandise always can meet the temperature: -30°C to 55°C, humidity: 10% to 90%.

Outdoor LED screen advertising need to be confidential riot anti-theft: LED outdoor display devices are generally used in outdoor public places, public safety and security of the device need to be considered more, the general outdoor display devices can use special toughened glass, even if the glass break, it only can produce fine cracks which similar to a spider's web, the pieces firmly adhesion in the intermediate layer, it can avoid the glass fall that can cause personal injury or property loss. What’s more, when facing the security problem, it should avoid screw exposed and combined with the lock anti-theft function and strong support structure in order to solve the security problem.

Outdoor LED screen advertising need to be anti the thunderstorm: in order to complete the weather broadcasting function all day, outdoor display device need to have a reliable design of anti thunder which can provide a safety assurance for the equipment in the thunderstorm days. see more about LED Display anti, pls cllick → <How to Protect LED Display From Lightning Strike>

Outdoor LED screen advertising need to be anti reflection: the interface is clear and visible in the outdoor display environment, anti reflection is also an important aspect to be considered, the usual practice is to use the special coating treatment of glass to improve visual view and resolution of picture, reducing the reflection of screen, However, verypixel provide more perfect solutions for you which use high quality maintenance of waterproof module and never use glass shield.

Anti electromagnetic interference: uncontrollable outdoor environment makes the anti electromagnetic interference function of the outdoor display device of becomes very important, we cannot transform the outdoor environment, but we can take measures to hide the internal electrical equipment, which prevent the inner device and the interference to the signal cable, and it also can prevent the external electromagnetic interference for the LED commodity.


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