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As there are much more thunderstorm on summer season that is really challenge for an LED display screen to resist the bad weather. The electronic components inside the LED screen have very high integration level and high degree of sensitiveness of competing interaction, the thunder would damage the screen in different ways. For example, if the screen was hit by thunder, it would make great damage to the LED display even fire. Therefore, it’s necessary to install lighting protection equipment.


Following are some tips of lighting protection measures for your reference


The Diagram of LED display lightning strike pathway


1. Direct lighting strike on the outdoor LED screen.
2. The steel structure strikes back to the screen.
3. Lightning current get into the screen from power cable.
4. Lighting current get into the screen from signal cable.


The Lightning Protection Measures of LED display


1. Lightening rod should be installed on support structure of outdoor LED display. However, there is no need to use lighting rod while the screen applies to indoor or the screen is installed around tall buildings.


2. Connecting the steel structures and LED screen shells to avoid the strike back by lighting. Moreover, make sure the equipotential and ground connection of the screen & SPD(Surge Protection Device). Grounding resistance should be no more than 10 Ohm, if not, we have to make an additional artificial ground net.


3. Adding single-phase or three-phase power SPD on power cable. Moreover, it requires cross-sectional area of the three-phase supply wire at least 10 square millimeter and the cross-sectional area of connect ground wire should be over 16 SQMM(square millimeter).


4. Assembling a signal SPD on the signal wire. This SPD installed according to the system signal interface. The cables suppose to assemble an networks signal SPD and the serial interface assemble an DB9 interface SPD. Besides, the cross-sectional area of connect ground wire should be control more than 1.5 SQMM(square millimeter).


The Diagram of LED Display Lightning Protection System


Following are some tips of how to use a LED display properly under bad weather conditions



Firstly, make a regular cheeking of every connectors. If you found any loose place, adjust it immediately or reinforce it.


Secondly, according to the different installation environment of LED display, avoiding the cables being bite, it’s necessary to put some raticide into it.


Thirdly, prevent LED display from direct sunlight all day long when install a screen.


Last, avoiding mistaken connect with neutral and live wire, the grounding receptacle has to be set up in a right way. If it often appeared power outages, please check the power supply carefully.


As LED display is widely used by many merchants for its superior communication function. Here the editor reminds every reader please make a proper use of LED screens under the thunderstorm season to get away from the fire.  Skype:verypixel  2007-2018 Verypixel. All Rights Reserved Sitemap