Analysis the advantages of small pitch LED screen
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small pitch LED screen for the traffic monitoring application

Small pitch LED screen for the traffic monitoring application


Small pitch LED display screens are breaking he rules that LED screens can only use for outdoor filed. With development of LED technologies, small pitch LED display projects entered into indoor display territory especially monitoring room and high-end display market.


Mainstream Engineering Comparison of Display Technology

Lightting Princlpe Seam Grey Level Brightness Uniformity Span Life Power consumption Price
DLP Split Joint Light Projection minimum 0.5mm 12 Bit 200-400 cd/m2 Long time use, inconsistent between brightness and color decay,need to be readjusted 6,000-60,000 hours 140-350W High
LCD Split Joint Backlight Projection minimum 3.5mm 8 Bit 450-1700 cd/m2 Long time use, inconsistent between brightness and color decay, non-recoverable 60,000 hours 170-220W Low

Small Size
LED Screen

White Light-emitting seamless 16 Bit 200-2000cd/m2 Brightness and chroma can be adjusted point-by-point,the whole screen uniformity consistent 10,000 hours 110-230W High

Small pitch LED screen belonging to former Indoor LED display, In the field of Indoor LED display, small spacing LED screen as a newcomer they are facing the competition of DLP, LCD splice screens. Here we combed the comparison of several characteristics of LED display technology as follow:


You can see from the comparison that small pitches LED screen obtained the advantages of seam, color, uniformity and power consumption in performance. However, at the moment, the price of indoor LED screen is high, mainly adopted to high-end applications and also very competitive in comparison of DLP.  

It is well known that small size LED display had a very great improvement in display technique since year 2012, which poses a certain threat to those exist DLP,LCD screen.


Verypixel Small Pitch LED Display Products


Throughout the development of large - screen display industry in recent years, it is easy to see that no seams, high definition is the ultimate pursuit of large screen display. In the current display technologies, LCD has obvious seams which are hard to meet the needs of studios and Bureau of Meteorology. Because these filed had a high demand in imaging integrity, that makes it the core market for small pitch LED displays.

Ultra small pitch led display screen as a new star of light, they are not only has the inherent advantages of seamless, excellent brightness and rich color, they also possess low power consumption and long life time etc. Therefore, some professional points that with the decrease of led lamp cost in the near future, small space led screen will have a great promotion apply to indoor spots.


In fact, small pitch led have a good performance in recent years and has attracted a lot of big - screen vendors and integrators to join. Some traditional screen manufacturers even raced small space led display together with DLP splice screen as a product line. Therefore, in the back of booming markets, competition has become increasingly prominent. In pursuit of differentiation, many related companies submit different development strategies, which led to the diversified development of small pitch LED display market.

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