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LED Display Cabinets
Type:LED Display Accessories
Model:LED Cabinet

Available applications:
Installation and protection LED

modules and other components


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We all know that most of indoor and outdoor full color LED display screens are split joint by LED screen cabinets.Because LED display screens have a large area,we made as cabinet is convenient for transportation and maintenance.More than that, a cabinet can protect the inside LED display modules, receiving cards, power supply and other interior fittings. For outdoor LED display board, it's important to protect LED screen internal components from wind,rain, sunlight and other hazards.


I think you've already noticed that LED cabinet boxes are having fixed specifications. Currently available mainstream cabinet specifications are as follows:


LED Cabinet Dimensions Compatibility Module Sizes
1024mm*768mm 128mm*256mm
1024mm*1024mm 128mm*256mm/256mm*256mm
960mm*640mm 160mm*320mm
960mm*960mm 160mm*320mm/160mm*160mm
960mm*768mm 192mm*192mm
960mm*1120mm 160mm*160mm
1280mm*960mm 320mm*320mm
1000mm*1000mm 250mm*250mm



Standardized box sizes are prepared for standardized modules. LED box dimensions can't change casually, there are fixed sizes at intra-industry.

LED screen cabinets are designed around 1 square meter for convenience of calculating the screen total area. In addition, when we discuss about the LED screen area, please tanke the cabinet sizes into consideraion.


500x500 die casting aluminum cabinet


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