VERYPIXEL Outdoor Front Maintenance LED Display in WuWei
2015/10/8 0:00:00

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Our featured product VP-Smartile series- Outdoor P16mm product finished in the commercial street of Wuwei city, GanSu Province.




WuWei City is located in northwest China.The city development is slower than the coastal-line cities. However, with the rapid development of China's economy,the urban expansion in WuWei city is quite fast in recent years and also there is great demand in LED Displays.




Verypixel front service series product is getting mature and cost is getting lower,thus this kind of high-end LED product can be showed in third class city. The advantages of front service product are:Simple steel structure; Fast installation; Front maintenance.




P16mm is a classic outdoor LED display product, which obtained the features of high brightness, long life span, low cost and good display effect for outdoor applications. With the development of led display technology, outdoor P10, P8 and P6 LED products are more and more popular and widely used. A part of LED manufacturers are also keeping promoting small pitch LED display screen. But VERYPIXEL don't think the smaller pixel pitch is, the better screen is. VP always believe that the best LED screen is the most suitable application for local environment.

Outdoor Front Service Series


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