VP-Smartile Series Front Service LED Display Promotional Activities
2014/11/1 0:00:00
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Since inception, VERYPIXEL always adhere to the purpose "Offer Only Quality Pixels" make unremitting efforts to. And make the company's business has been developing rapidly.

To celebrate the Europe 1600sqm LED display order, VERYPIXEL now to promote the VP-Smartile series frontservice LED display products.

Promotion Time
Nov. 1 - Dec. 31
To share the joy of success with you, VERYPIXEL decided to have a preferential promotional activities in Nov. to Dec

20% OFF

VP-FS-O10 Smartile series>>



10% OFF

VP-FS-O16 Smartile series>>



10% OFF

VP-FS-O20 Smartile series>>



Front Service Demo

front service led displays

front service led displays

Front Service Advantage

>> These brilliant LED modules allow both front and rear service. They can totally achieve WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). For example, if you found any failure module in traditional LED screen, you have to spend a lot of time to the rear side to find the fault module and fix it. But if you use a front access LED module, you can just find the failure module immediately and fix it from the front side directly.
>> Front access design allows making any LED panels available from the front side, which is suitable for some special locations where there is no more space for rear maintenance. It can also help to save a lot of spaces.
>> The module fast lock makes it supper easy and fast to assemble & disassemble. It only takes you 8 seconds. With this, you may save a lot of time and labor cost.
>> This former module is in a very light weight, only 1.7kg, which could hang mount the wall or lift more easier.
>> We called it Fastile is because it is fast assembly and available to update/upgrade. that's because all the cabinets are customized and all the range of pixel pitches modules are totally suitable for the cabinet structures.

Front Service Display Applications

Front Service Product Line

 p8 smd front access led display modules  p10 smd front access modules  p10 dip front access led modules
 VP-Smartile-O8SMD  VP-Smartile-O10SMD  VP-Smartile-O10 20% Off
 p13 front access led modules  p16 front access led modules  p20 front access led modules
 VP-Smartile-O13  VP-Smartile-O16 10% Off  VP-Smartile-O20 10% Off


indoor front access led display modules


indoor front service led display

 P6.6 smd front access led display modules   P8 smd front access led display modules   P10 smd front access led display modules 
 VP-Fastile-I6.6  VP-Fastile-I8  VP-Fastile-I10

Features: Outdoor high resolution, all-weather proof, High brightness with super low power consumption smart structure design and long time proven technology. 

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