• VP-Fastile-PH8 Front aintenance LED Display
  • Type:Front Service Display
  • Model:VP-FS-I8-SMD
  • Hits:4240
  • Available applications:
    indoor advertising, billboards
    rental business and stage background.

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P8 indoor front service led display screens 

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Indoor front maintenance LED display screens: No need go inside sign to suffer heat torturing now!
Indoor high resolution, high precision and seamless split/joint, Smart structure design and long time proven technology.


Front service LED display screens 


Product Features


Easy and fast lock/unlock: Only takes 5 seconds to dismantled and assembled (replaced) one module by a small tool.

Convenient installation: Light weight, and the cabinet structure enable to hang mount on the wall or lifting rely on the wall with simple installation accessories.

Front removable: Front service design, each module of the screen can be easily removed from front side. It is particularly suitable for LED Ceiling Display.

Safe and quick service: When the module needs maintenance, don’t need to climb to the high or suffer heat torturing.

Seamless split/joint: High precision and standard module size 320mmX320mm, makes the screen has good flatness and seamless.


Display Effect