Double Face Display

double-sided LED display


>> As our American market share is getting bigger, we specially design double face LED display for that area. A lot of American companies and store owners use double face display to display their company or service information beside the roads. Double sided display is very suitable for road advertising. 

>> If the display size could not be very big, and usually it is used to display company logos and some very simple messages, so it has to easy to install and maintain. What is more, people from two directions can all watch it, which could save the advertising space.  


Based on Market & Technical Advantages, VERYPIXEL has 2 Series of double-sided LED display products.


Swing open structure design
>> Double waterproof structure
>> High-strength cabinet material
>> Reasonable internal structure

Traditional double-sided led display


It's main features are:
1. Independent cabinet design, to ensure strict IP65 waterproof rating.
2. High uniformity masks can fit modules perfectly, without shadows.
3. Installation is simple for our customers in accordance with the needs of design and installation.
4. Very Pixel's adopt unique turbine electric cooling system, which ensures the whole box's ventilation and thermal diffusion, without affecting the waterproofing.


Module front service solution
>> Modules front service
>> Neat and precise structure
>> Excellent thermal design


front access led display screen


It's main features are:  
1. Easy and fast installation and maintaining design. (Install or remove a module only takes 8 seconds).
2. The true front service, no front cover open.
3. Easy installation and light weight can make it amount in the wall or lift against the wall.
4. General Module design makes perfect flatness on the surface; minimize the gap between modules and cabinets.

Contrast Maintenance Mode

double-sided LED screen


Contrast Thermal Design

double-sided LED display


Contrast More Details

double-sided LED display manufacturer


Their Common Feature



double-sided LED board


>> High quality double-sided LED display: Swing open structure design & Module front service solution from Verypixel.
>> Key words for Double sided LED signs: ventilation, heat dissipation, wireless control, strong structure, programmable.

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