Light Box LED Sign

Product Features

>  With the best LED industrial waterproof and ultraviolet-proof SMD 3 in 1 technology to make a super wide viewing angle and a better surface evenness and stability.

>  RGB deep gray processing to show any color; Support point correction function, ensure the consistency of the color and the brightness in the process of use. 

>  Inner fixed reinforcement plate, tensile and shockproof, auto heat dissipation, make the operating life 10 years.

>  Front access design allows making any LED panel available from front side, Maintenance simple and quick.
>  With the protection rating of IP65, face any bad weather.

>  With the professional aviation plug as the connectors ensure the quality and safety.

>  With the high quality raw material、 mature process and scale production, the quality is ensured.

>  Complete series, customized to satiny any requirements of customers.

Product Structure



Postar_LED_Display_Structure   Postar_LED_Display_Structure


Product Case

Product Line

light box led sign

Simplicity is hidden complexity

Outdoor Full Color LED Advertising Light Box Screen

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>  Verypixel is proud of being your project resource for outdoor Light Box LED Sign and looks forward to serving you.

>  Outdoor Full Color Light Box Sign also called street video box, street LED sign or led station lightbox screen, with the high reliability and flexibility is applied for outdoor LED Advertising.

>  They can play video, picture, animation, text and etc, combining static or dynamic display to attract more eyes.

>  The use of LED advertising light box screen signifies a brand new stage of development in the area of outdoor advertising. 



Powerful Control Software of LED Light Box Screen 

> LED Editor is a Windows application program designed for the LED video screen. The main function of LedEditor is a media program editor/manager and a media player. It supports almost all media file formats that can be displayed in the windows environment.

> With the DirectX technology, the software can display media smoothly and avoid flicker phenomena. We use good graphical operation interface as below, what you see what you get, very user-friendly.

led editor 

LED Light Box Display Visibility in All Conditions

> Larger viewing angle Horizontal 110 degree, vertical 110 degree. Original and vivid display effect will be seen in this scope with color excursion free and image distortion free.

> 5000cd/m2 brightness can be installed in different environment. Energy-saving and Environmental friendly design.


Outdoor Full Color LED Advertising Light Box Screen

> Adopt advanced 13bit technology to realize more nature color displayed.

> High refresh Rate 1000HZ, make good image illumination uniformity, nature color transitions reliability, stability and excellent consistency of signal output, without mosaic.



IP65 Protection Class of Light Box LED Sign

> Double-layer casing structures for good heat insulation. PC Cover for resisting the ultraviolet radiation .The outside layer with the IP65 cabinets design, total waterproofed casing with fans inside, high IP level to prevent Inside cabinet from sunlight shining directly.

Outdoor Full Color LED Advertising Light Box Screen


Easy Maintenance of outdoor LED advertising player

Front Service Display 


Multiple Connectivity of LED Station Display

Outdoor Full Color LED Advertising Light Box Screen 

Light box LED Sign Specifications  

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