LED Dance Floor

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Verypixel Interactive LED Floor Display

 Interactive LED Floor Display is based on the continuation of traditional LED dance floor, using computer vision technology and LED advanced display technology to create dynamic interactive fantasy experience. Users can directly use the body interacting with the virtual scene area on the display. It is the combination of real-time interactive induction and LED image display, it appears the interaction for the stage show virtual landscape and provides the highest form of expression.



LED Dance Floor Display Cabinet Structur 

LED dance floor

Physical Resolution: 56* 56/48*48 dots
Cabinet Weight: 12.5kg/pcs
Physical Pixels: 12544/9245 dots/sqm
Dimensions: 500mm*500mm*93mm


LED dance floor display


● 1.5T/M2 high loading support, with new designed die-casting aluminum structur
● Provide extremly quiet environment with the transcendental fanless designed pad
● Can meet variable needs of stage and events, with adjustable and toll-free positioning installation.
● IP65 pad can withstand the splash of rains and beverages, with three layers of waterproof rubber seal.
● RGB deep gray processing, any color change.


 LED dance floor display SMD

● LED: high quality chip package, the global well-known manufacturers of bright, waterproof three in one surface adhered to the customer LED, multiple choice. At the same time, fully guarantee the service life and the display quality of the display.
● Perfomance crystal clear video directly with the high strength wear-resistant anti-skid Bi color mold mask.
A new designed base and guide track support structure, accurate, and extraordinary level.


Interactive LED Floor Features


Wherever player step, the mark follow player's feet, Interactive effect is always attractive on the floor.


LED dance floor mask design

  Rigid structure design. 


LED dance floor display 

Strongest LED display can load a car weight.



LED Dance Floor Installation


Ways to Use LED Dnace Floor

         Stacked installation                                              Hanging way


LED Dance Floor Specifications

Pixel Pixel pitch: 8.9mm/10.4mm
Chip chip: SMD3535
LED color:RGB
Lamp arrange: 1R1G1B(SMD 3 in 1)
Resolution:12544/9245 pixel/m2
Screen Viewing angle:Horizontal≥110°
Viewing angle:Vertical≥110°
work temperature:-20°C to + 50°C
Relative humidity:10% to 95%RH
Power Supply Average power consumption range:50W/cabinet
Maximum power consumption: 150W/cabinet
Power inquiry:220VAC±10%, 50Hz   110VAC±10%, 50Hz
Control PC : PCTV or above
Operating system:WIN XP/WIN 7/WIN 8
Control mode: Synchronization control
Revealing card: DVI reveals the card
Parameter Driver:constant current IC
Scanning rate:≥60Hz
Refresh rate:≥1000Hz
Gray scale: ≥14bit
Color capacity at least 1 billion
Beam control way: The software 100 levels may move
Control system: PCTV + DVI +CONTROLLER CARD+ fiber
Average non- fault time: ≥1000hours
Life span:≥100000hours;continuing working time:≥48hours
Smoothness: Willfully during neighboring picture element ≤0.5mm; Unit board splicing gap < 1mm
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