Stadium LED Board


Stadium now is the center of city life, which offers you great business 


The Stadium LED Board and sports displays are masters in showing publicity and game scores. With a public of a complete stadium plus that the games are showed on television the quality has to be superb. Our in-stadium LED advertising is powered by the famous outdoor LED sports displays which adopt SMD LED technology to improve the horizontal viewing angle to more than 160 degrees. With such a super wide viewing angle it increases the amount of spectators, and also multiple advertisements that can be showed at once.


Verypixel perimeter LED display is one of the most popular LED products series. The diverse play modes greatly enhance the value of commercial advertisement. With vivid and brilliant colors, Verypixel perimeter demonstrates brand concept accurately.



With the easy installation, convenient management and maintenance features, Verypixel perimeter saves much more cost for advertisers; "Human-oriented Design" could protect players in 360°. It is widely accepted in numerous world class events such as football, basketball and hockey match etc.. Besides, Verypixel perimeter LED display is also available in fixed and rental installation and realizes "one screen, multiple applications" purpose. 


Stadium LED Board Features as follows

perimeter LED display

 Convenient connections enable easy and fast installation, transportation loading and lading.


 Our cabinets feature with exquisite designs, making them easy-to-install and disassemble. The cabinets include side interlocks, as well as external signal and power fast connectors.


Adjustable cabinet inclining angle

● Adjustable cabinet inclining angle Mostly, the LED perimeter display is set vertically and the inclining angle is adjustable for the best possible viewing and camera shooting angles. 

Perimeter LED Video Display Control Systems

● Automatic backup system 
Our LED displays could utilize two computers to ensure interruption-free display of images and videos. For instance, if one unit was to turn off due to technical issues, the other unit will automatically act as a backup solution.


All weather protection


● All weather protection:

With an IP65 rating, our cabinets offer ventilation and protection from rain or water damage. 

 LED display soft mask


● Good buffering capacity: the Soft TPE material used for mask, the top soft cover of PORON materials is imported from Japan,  efficient for protecting athletes rom injury by LED screen.

Good viewing performance: Module Kit is made from USA and Netherland PC material. The Module Copper Post is electroplated and can resist rust. This PC material is 94-V0 fireproof grade, anti-UV, durable in both high and low temperature, resist Acid and alkali corrupt, no distortion, no leak, durable in strong pull, triple waterproof, very suitable for long time indoor and outdoor application.


Perimeter LED Screen


Cabinet Structure


Perimeter LED Display Structure


Verypixel always deliver to all of our customers with excitement!

● Perimeter LED display could provide pixel resolution of P10, P12(virtual pixel solution), P16(virtual pixel solution), P20....
● Our stadium perimeter screen can be taken Front Service design.

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