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Rental LED display main issue is frequent, easy and fast installation, which we have always been researching sustainable solutions. As for rental cabinets, we specifically designed them to assure the moving purpose of the cabinets as well as stability of a structure for frequent, easy and fast installation.


Our Rental Cabinet Family



Our VP-FLEX rental screen is applicable to the complex environment occasions, it can be arbitrarily bent and also flexible, especially in the stage of whole set, it can helps you to realize the creativity.


As the same product of stage rental, VP-Dance Floor is of superior quality, safe and reliable, it also build up some colors for the stage.


VP-MESH is our start product, it has the features of light weight, rapid assembly and easy maintenance, it is especially suitable for the rental situation product requirements.


VP-PAD, high-end rental product,it has the features of high stitch precision , high-definition display and also has the structure of outdoor product waterproof design.


Common rental designing review


Easy assembly, the structure is more adjustable and rationalized. Signal connectors are on the outside, left for input, right for output. Power input is on the inside, no power output.


• Cabinet mechanical design is easy for rigging system. It saves time for rental companies to assemble and dismantle the LED screen during the events.
• Patent design: No conjunction lines between neighboring cabinets. The unique patent design on top of cabinet enables us to make inching adjustment between up and down cabinets.
• Aluminum Cabinet: Light weight and thin cabinet design enable easy and fast installation; there are handles on top and both sides of the cabinet. It makes assembling work much easier, which could save precious site time to contractors.
• Tidy cabling: Hidden cables design, vertical cable connection style. There is no cable on the rear surface of LED screen.


Accessories of rental screen


rental led display attachment 

Rental LED DIsplay System




rental led display solution and topology 

VP-Pad Rental Cabinet

die-casting cabinet of led display

Indoor Die-cast cabinet 480mm*480mm
Could be compatible with module 240mm*240

die-casting cabinet of led display


Outdoor Die-cast cabinet 640mm*640mm
Could be compatible with module 320mm*320mm


● Integrated design mode: We integrated the HUB and the receiving card together, then there is no signal and power cable in the whole cabinet, which could enable much higher stability and tons of convenience for customers.
● The proven technology applied for many cases before we launch it to the market. 
● Innovative solution for the electronics and structure, durable, light, neat, and convenient.
● Light, Slim, Precise and multifunctional.
● In-depth gray level, vivid picture effects, brilliant color rendering, ideal for stage, events, concerts and so on.


Product Details 


Detail of die-casting rental led displays 



verypixel rental led display cabinets
VP-PAD Indoor Series
Pixel Pitch P3.75 P4 P5 P6
LED  Composition SMD 2020 SMD 2020 SMD 3528 SMD 3528
Pixel Density 71108dots/㎡ 62500dots/㎡ 40000dots/㎡ 27778dots/㎡
Module Size 240*240mm 240*240mm 240*240mm 240*240mm
Module Pixel Density 64*64dots 60*60dots 48*48dots 40*40dots
Driving Method 1/16 scan 1/16 scan 1/16 scan 1/8 scan
Refresh Rate ≥1000Hz ≥1000Hz ≥1000Hz ≥2000Hz
Brightness ≥2800 CD/㎡ ≥2000 CD/㎡ ≥2000 CD/㎡ ≥2000 CD/㎡
Max. Power Consumption ≥1000 W/㎡ ≥1000 W/㎡ ≥1000 W/㎡ ≥1000 W/㎡


verypixel rental led display cabinets
VP PAD Outdoor Series
Pixel Pitch P8 P10 P16 P20
LED  Composition DIP 1R1G1B DIP 1R1G1B DIP 1R1G1B DIP 1R1G1B
Pixel Density 15625dots/㎡ 10000dots/㎡ 3906dots/㎡ 2500dots/㎡
Module Size 320*320mm 320*320mm 320*320mm 320*320mm
Module Pixel Density 40*40dots 32*32dots 20*20dots 16*16dots
Driving Method 1/4 scan 1/4 scan static static
Refresh Rate ≥2000Hz ≥2000Hz ≥4000Hz ≥4000Hz
Brightness ≥6800 CD/㎡ ≥7000 CD/㎡ ≥7000 CD/㎡ ≥7000 CD/㎡
Max. Power Consumption ≥750 W/㎡ ≥750 W/㎡ ≥750 W/㎡ ≥750 W/㎡
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