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LED Corner Display Shining out to the World
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Excellent news everyone! Recently, we have successfully completed and put into operation the P3.91 outdoor full color LED display in Spain.

The area of P3.91 outdoor full color LED display is 48 square meters. It is composed of two screens connected at right angles, which are embedded on the wall of a shopping mall and integrated with the wall. 


Because of its superior performance and wide viewing angle, the full-color LED display has higher efficiency in conveying the content of the screen appeal, rich color, and natural undistorted.

P3.91 outdoor full color LED display

This P3.91 outdoor full-color LED display is one of Verypixel's best-selling products. It has the characteristics of small point spacing, delicate and clear picture, bright and vivid color. The display screen is installed above the door of the shopping mall for brand promotion or advertising.

In recent years, the small dot spacing LED display screen has also been favored by real estate companies and other industries, and it has become the first choice of information transmission methods for sales centers, station squares, airports and so on.

Verypixel's excellent technology, high-quality service and good reputation have also become the confidence guarantee for users when choosing.

LED Corner Display

Also because of the flexible structure design of this screen, the embarrassing situation of traditional LED display screen that can only solved corner problems by edge-wrapping materials has been changed.

The LED corner display has no limitations, it can achieve the perfect display and modeling of large-span quadrilateral, Pentagon and other polygons, so that your overall stage shape is more perfect. Dazzling, showing the audience a comprehensive and no dead ends graphic.

If you want to know more about VP Corner Display,welcome to VERYPIXEL.

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