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LED Soft Module Surprising You
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Tag: P3 indoor full color LED column display

Recently, VERYPIXEL has completed a project in Singapore –P3 indoor full color LED column display.

These column screens are pixel pitch 3mm with diameter of 1 meter and a height of 2 meter.

Its design adopts the LED soft module, which has the advantages of thin, light weight, minimal volume, high pixel density, flexible surface display, low installation cost and etc.

It can satisfy the display of complete image content within 360 degrees. It is the new favorite of many media publishing and exhibition venues such as exhibition venues, indoor and outdoor advertising screens, airport stations and other public places.

P6 indoor full color LED column display

Its installation mode is mainly magnetic column absorption, using the "ready-to-install" installation method.

The module is available to customized, it can be directly absorbed to achieve one-step installation.

The installation method of magnetic suction is as simple as indoor screen, and the cabinet wires are connected by quick butt joint, which is firm and reliable, and also saving your power consumption.

LED soft module column screen connection surface is different from traditional display screen.

The traditional PCB board is made of glass fiber. The flexible PCB module is made of flexible insulating base materials.The mask and the bottom shell are made of rubber. It has high compression and torsion resistance and can solve all kinds of installation difficulties perfectly.

LED Soft Module

Soft module design has become an irresistible trend in LED market. Verypixel's excellent technology, high-quality service and good reputation have also become the confidence guarantee for users when choosing. 

If you want to know more information, please feel free to contact VERYPIXEL.

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