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Indoor P6.6 Arc LED display
Data:2018/11/28 0:00:00From:www.verypixel.comAuthor:admin

Recently, VERYPIXEL has completed a project of Indoor P6.6 Arc LED display. Compared with the conventional display screen brings people more intuitive visual effect.

P6.6 Arc LED display

All the cabinets are customized and all the range of pixel pitches modules are totally suitable for the cabinet structures. It uses soft modules and the design could allow curve solution realized easily.

This kind of LED display can be made internal arc, external arc, circular arc, elliptic arc, semi-circular and other shapes according to your requirement, which are close to the building installation, and can meet the use of different places.

The arc LED display screen has the characteristics of full viewing angle, light weight, highlight display, environmental protection, energy saving, convenient installation and maintenance, etc. It can catch people’s eyes with its advantages of omni-directional. So that the advertising information can be received more comprehensively.

Arc LED display is a good choice for shopping malls, theatres, cinemas and other occasions required decoration.

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