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UFO Screen sparkling in Hongkong Time square
Data:2023/12/6 0:00:00From:www.verypixel.comAuthor:admin

Tag: UFO Screen, indoor special-shaped LED screen, UFP LED Display, Unique LED Screen

Good news came from VERYPIXEL again. Verypixel recently have completed another indoor special-shaped LED screen in Hongkong Time square.

UFO LED Screen

As is know to all,Hongkong is a crowded city which have been visited by thousands of travelers from all around the world to shopping here. There is no doubt that LED display is the core of Hongkong Time it must be with  amazing showing effect and unique in style.

UFO LED Display

Compared with traditional LED display screen, the UFO special-shaped display screen has great breakthrough in structure. As a novelty display form, with its unique charm,we believe that more and more people will realize the superiority in display.

The pixel pitch of this UFO special-shaped display P3mm, it has 3"high" features (high definition, high refresh rate,high performance).Bringing brilliant visual to all the tourist in the mall with its excellent display effect.

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