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Verypixel was founded in 2007 by a group of LED experts and engineers. As one of the leading LED product manufacturers, our products range from LED indoor display, LED outdoor displays, LED curtain rental series, and rental tools; Very Pixel is here honored to provide you with quality LED signs. No matter where you need to place your new LED signs, lighted signs, LED signage, or LED boards, Verypixel is capable of providing you with the exact product you need to do just that. Because we’ve been serving outfit businesses and organizations with LED outdoor displays, LED curtain rental series, and rental tools for years.


Over several years’ development, Verypixel Is becoming a leading manufacturer specialized in R&D, manufacture, marketing and service of LED display and LED lighting, Very pixel applies in high-tech technology and aims to Verypixel offers only quality LED signs for customers.With spacious dust-free workshops, advanced equipments, a robust R&D team and pooled with experienced and skilled workers, Verypixel ranks one of the top LED developers and manufacturers; its monthly capacity is able to reach 2000sqm.

Verypixel holds the philosophy that lighten up the world with quality pixel, therefore, Verypixel performs strictly according to the standards of ISO9001:2000, the products honored many international certificates, such as, CB, CE, ETL, GOST, CCC, FCC. Moreover, Verypixel implements 7S Management system and strictly manages the producing process and quality inspection, which make Verypixel earn a great reputation both home and abroad.



Verypixel is honored to be a giant manufacture of LED indoor display, LED outdoor displays, and LED curtain rental series that display, sharp and crisp images with vivid colors and luminescent crystal clear images. All of our half finished modules, cabinets, LED signs and LED boards are repeatedly tested and inspected to ensure that they meet our stringent standards for quality and value. Our manufacturing process has been developed and refined over the years through our various testing processes; we are able to produce LED outdoor displays, LED curtain rental series, and rental tools that far outstrip the quality of.



Our full range of products includes single color LED signs; dural color, tri color LED signs, full color LED signs, and rental series. This means that, no matter what you need, you’re sure to find it here at Very Pixel. Furthermore, all our LED signs could come in full range of sizes. Additionally, because our LED signs are manufactured by us, we’re able to customize them to any size fit your business’ window, store front, or organization’s exterior. And, the variance in pitches we make available for our signs ensure that your message is readable from any distance you need it to be, regardless of how close or far that is.


Single Color

Our single color LED signs, lighted signs, LED signage, and LED boards are available in options of an attractive, glowing amber color, or a bright, fluorescent red. Also, we offer our single color LED signs as double LEDs for an even brighter display. The high quality LED bulbs we use on our single color LED signs, lighted signs, LED signage, and LED boards are designed to last for over 100,000 hours, making them a quality long lasting investment for your business. We offer our remote single color LED signs with preloaded images and animations, but also offer you the ability to customize your own through our free controlling software, included with your PC type single color LED Sign purchase.



Similarly, our remote tri color LED signs, lighted signs, LED signage, and LED boards offer many of the same features. Like our single color LED signs, they are outfitted with long lasting, 100,000 hour LED bulbs. They also come with a sunshade grill to block direct sunlight for increased visibility. The housing is constructed out of high quality aluminum, and again, they come preloaded with images and animations for you to use. Our tri color LED signs come with options of red, green, yellow displays, or red, blue, and pink.


Full Color

And, our full color LED signs, lighted signs, LED signage, and LED boards are capable of displaying up to 1.7 billion colors for a brilliant picture. They are front serviceable for ease of use. Because the full color LED signs come with 1GB of internal memory, you have the ability to upload any images or videos you want displayed through our high quality full color LED signs, lighted signs, LED signage, and LED boards. And, like our other LED message board options, our full color LED signs come with complementary software to allow you to easily change the message you want displayed on your LED signs.


Rental Series

Very Pixel Rental series LED curtain wall series that comes with high resolution for excellent viewing. Designed for only 15kg/sqm in weight, Very Pixel curtain wall adopts a perfect structure that allows for easy and fast installation. It comes with a background transparent rate of 55% and is highly recommended for concert, entertainment venue and stage background. The Rental series LED curtain wall is suited to outdoor use and is capable of producing high brightness that can be perfectly combined with sound, light and color for a spectacular event. The module is covered with silicone to enhance its waterproof function. Depending on the relationships between the display and viewers, Very Pixel curtain wall series could be designed for best cost benefits, best-viewing results and complete integration with the architectural facades and surrounding context.


Rental Tools

Due to LED display manufacturer background, Aluminum truss and flight cases are our main products. Our Aluminum truss is neatly designed and light self weight, durable, aesthetics, beautiful welding and modular, has been widely used to assemble all kind of exhibition, scene, concert, auditoria, outdoor show which not only hang the lights and speakers and also boost up the aesthetics of total scene. Our flight cases use the high quality material and professional production technology in the perfectly combination of their practicality, safety and aesthetics. Our flight case is your idea chooses of package for all kind of performance equipments and some expensive equipment.  Skype:verypixel  2007-2018 Verypixel. All Rights Reserved Sitemap