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Quest IS Putin against the war room: LED large electronic screen representing the entire wall
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“Gentlemen, you can go to war here. This is the war room.” November 17th, confirmed Russian airliner crashed in the Egyptian Department of the terrorist attacks, Russian President Vladimir Putin into the defense control center, listen to high-ranking officers report,issued relevant instructions.


Kremlin website released the same day picture to show Putin sat, looked serious, solemn eyes, is beside Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Armed Forces Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov and others. The completion of this 2014 defense control center itself, but also because these pictures become the focus of discussion outside.


Putin against IS



There is a large wall LED electronic screen right in front of Putin.The number of blocks of electronic LED screen in real-time broadcast strategic bombers took off from the Russian Air Force Base, to Syria to perform air strikes extremist organization “Islamic State” and other tasks; “Moscow” missile cruiser sent from the eastern Mediterranean live report.


large wall LED electronic screen


Putin’s Russia correspondent Andrei Kolesnikov said, when the building and put into operation last year, the war room, he was somewhat puzzled, what should these mini football field-size screen do?

“Now, the answer came,” he said, “the Russian high-ranking officers are all electronic screen audience. Moreover, there is like a pre-chamber, they are ready at any time on the battlefield ……”


It's an honor that our LED display industry can help the campaign against terrorism. LED electronic display also called LED digital sign, it plays an very important role in the field of modern military.In the battlefront, the drone investigation, missile flight trajectory can do without LED big screen broadcasting. Combat command displays have particular requirements in electronic LED screen, for instance, clear display images, display signal ghosting-free, stable and reliable operation, it not allowed any mistakes when operating.


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