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Indoor PH6 Rental LED Display in Shenzhen Bordeaux International Hotel
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Bordeaux International Hotel


Recently, Verypixel high-end rental series VP-PAD Indoor PH6 Rental LED Display became a eye-catching decoration showing at Shenzhen Bordeaux International Hotel, a four-star hotel.


movable LED screen


Contract with the traditional rental LED screens, VP-PAD indoor displays are possess with the characteristics of both high definition and automatic opening and closing function, which increased the sense of space-level on stage.


auto-open LED display


In terms of screen, we adopted the Black SMD 3528 chips and 36864 dots/sqm high density pixels, moreover, we also set the a high refresh frequency over 2880Hz(Supporting high refresh rate and depending on system configuration) along with the indoor brightness to 800cd/sqm to fully meet the requirements of indoor display.


door sliding LED display


In terms of mechanical design, it adopted anti-forerake frame and electric slide path system with flatten gap traceless. Adjustable distance and speed are available.What's more, it is out of noisy, the entire screen is smooth and stable without swinging. Besides, mechanical operation could be remote control, manual or infrared sensors three ways to meet the design requirements of different stages performances.


Creative Door LED Display


Verypixel is capable of professional R&D products and providing quality solutions, meanwhile, we are good helper of achieving your creativity. We always believe that a superior quality product is designed from advanced product concept and a quality solution comes from the communication between us and our clients and our technical strength as well. Therefore, if you are looking for an excellent LED display supplier, why not choose Verypixel?

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