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VERYPIXEL Family Enjoy Sunshine in SZ West Bay Beach
Data:2015/5/14 0:00:00From:www.verypixel.comAuthor:admin

Tag: Verypixel, LED Display Screen Solution Provider, SZ LED Display Manufacturers

With this year’s summer approaching, flower blooming, warming sunshine, Verypixel team members organized a collective trip to the West Bay Beach in Shenzhen. Along with the pleasant scenery outside the window, we moved on with stressing-free and put ourselves in this enjoyable journey.



We all feeling excited arriving to this wonderful place--famous as Oriental Hawaii, Shenzhen West Bay Beach. There are beautiful woods, golden beaches, white spray, crystal-clear water, what a amazing place is it!



Verypixel family are walking along the coast line under the blue sky, this moment, we are far away from city noises and traffic, put ourselves into the embrace of this endless blue and take time to indulge the beauties. Cameras recorded the moment that everybody smiling happy on their faces. Blue Sky and White Clouds witness the strength of our solidarity; the Beaches and Waves witness our friendships.



Let's go surfing, swimming, barbecues, sat boats...
Yummy food, Beautiful scenery, aflame mood...
We spent an unforgettable day without even realizing it.



This trip not only embodies the excellent corporation culture and humanistic quality, but also enhanced the sense of belonging & cohesion between VP colleagues. I believe our team is becoming stronger and stronger and more elite. Verypixel family will work together to be a leader in LED industry and offer only quality pixels to the world. 

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