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VP P6.6mm Indoor Front Service Project Finished in Nanjing
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Tag: front maintenance stage background display, rental LED video wall, large LED screen, LED rental sign, p6.6 indoor rental SMD LED screen

After Verypixel's VP-Fastile Series products installed on Royal Cruise, high-end front maintenance products technology is getting riper. The production cost is also cheaper in this industry and eventually gained popularity in domestic market.


Verypixel Indoor Front service series have also gained more and more recognitions from our local customers in quality and maintenance convenient. Recently, VP finished our VP-FS-I6.6 project in Nanjing City,which also received highly valuation.




Features: Light in modules and easy to assemble & disassemble are the biggest advantages of VP-Fastile series. Special front maintain method is extremely suitable for some occasions where there is no space for rear maintenance. Another advantage of VP front service product is it totally achieves the theory WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). Especially for some large screens. For example, if you found a failure module in middle of the traditional LED screen, you have to spend a lot of time to the back side to find the fault module and fix it. But if you use a front access LED module, you can just find the failure module immediately and fix it or change it directly from the front side. This will make your work more efficiency.




At present, the mature technology is allowed us to develop more different pitches FS products. Verypixel is going to apply this technolgy to the Unique LED Display. When we are taking special customized screens, we will take priority of our front access techniques, because front maintain design will make a complicated display easier.    


We have been pursuing personalized product for years, chose VERYPIXEL,suprise you all. 

VP-Fastile Series Product

front maintenance stage background display | rental LED video wall | large LED screen | LED rental sign | p6.6 indoor rental SMD LED screen

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