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Spherical LED Display


Recently, LED electronic displays not only bring us great convenience, but also add living color to cities. With the continuous improvement of LED display technology, the designs of LED displays are more artistic and aesthetic. Appear various shapes of LED screens like “wavy” and “ball”. Spherical LED display is a newly developed LED display product with characteristics of out of a fashion, beautiful and flexibility. It is also a featured product of VERYPIXEL.


Spherical LED displays are divided into two types in production. The first one is entire spherical LED display and the second one is hemispherical LED display. In general, the first type is small and it is about two meters in diameter which can be seen in a very short distance. The second type is bigger than the first one which can be seen in a longer distance.


Three production methods of spherical LED display as follow:

a. For large diameter outdoor spherical LED display, we can produce it by single pixel tube. Cut the screen ball piece by piece according the latitude and each different latitude place a row of LED pixel tube.


b. For small diameter indoor spherical LED display, we adopt SMD 3inl LED lamps, pixel controllable LED strips made by flexible PCB board. And then circle the spherical bracket with these LED strips by latitude.


c. For indoor LED sphere display, we can also design some special LED pcb boards according to its pixel pitch. Special shaped led board can be designed to a triangle facility to splice. It can be designed as a hexagon board as well. There are many different models available for indoor spherical LED display, for example, P4, P5, P6, P10 and so on.  

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