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LED Billboard Outdoor Price, p16 outdoor led screen modules 


The price or cost of a outdoor LED billboard depends on two variables. Those two variables are the total size of the LED billboard, and the total resolution of the LED billboard.


The total size of the outdoor LED billboard: The bigger or larger the LED panel is the higher the price cost.


The quality pixels use of the billboard: How expensive LEDs use, how much the billboard is. The LED's are surely the most important quality criteria when it comes to LED billboard displays. They determine the image quality of the display and are decisive in determining how the image quality is retained over time. The quality of an LED also determined primarily by the chip used.So they are final undeniably determined the  price of a LED billboard. An extensive price difference can arise in manufacturing, depending on the LED's used.


The total resolution of the screen: The more pixels, or the more number of LED′s, the billboard has the higher the cost will be. For example if a screen is 12sqm and has 49,000 pixels, it will be cheaper than the LED billboard is 12sqm with 120,000 pixels. This is because more LED lamps will be placed onto the screen which is a higher cost. But on the other hand the more LED′s the screen has, the higher the detail will be of the videos and images that the LED screen will be publishing.  Skype:verypixel  2007-2018 Verypixel. All Rights Reserved Sitemap