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In the middle of May, Epistar LED chips manufacturer declared to rise the price of 15% and then Sunan Optoelectronics also rose their LED chips prices. A lot of other led display manufacturers like the Forest Lighting,Xindeco Optoelectronics and Anplight have been adjusted their product price information but many of the price adjusting notification and letters has not been confirmed yet.


Forest Lighting price alert noticed that because of the raw materials price changes in the market, leading to production costs increased. Obtain the  principle of mutual benefit, here we declare that LED display RGB lamps prices adjust up 5% from Sept. 1st ,2016.


Xindeco Optoelectronics declared that as the LED chips material prices increased, which greatly make our production cost goes up too. Thus, we decided to increase LED RGB prices of 5%, starts from Sept. 1st ,2016.


Sanan Optoelectronics price adjustment which showed that raw materials prices bottoming out, with gold ( rose 27% ), the substrate ( rose 30% from June ). Due to the medium-power chip size is small and process cost a lot of posterior segment, which increase the labor cost. So we decided to rise the prices about 10% and start from Aug. 25.


The prices crisis has already begun in March, LED board manufacturers, packaging factory-Forest has already increased product prices in the early spring of this year.


It is understood that the main reason of pricing raise given by the manufacturers is the recent increase in raw materials and labor costs has exceeded the cost of accounting. In order to maintain profit can only choose to price increases.


Insiders said that the price increase is a normal market rules which is good for the enterprises. In the future, each product will have their own characteristics, this will promote the whole industry’s research and development.


Some people recognize that the terminal products price have been suppressed because the upstream chip prices increased make finished product factory purchase cost higher than before, to maintain profit, they have no choice but rise up the prices.


Would this year’s price raise storm lead to the whole LED industry  supply chain price goes up or not ? Whether the LED display price will stop decline and bottoming out, we pay close attention to jointly.  Skype:verypixel  2007-2018 Verypixel. All Rights Reserved Sitemap