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LED moving signs, LED window sign 


Let your imagination go, and design a stunning display to wow your customers. Because of the flexibility and modular construction of our LED message signs they are ideal to create custom LED displays. You can build our standard LED signs into an existing structure or housing or they can be installed within new point of sale cabinetry. We can create a custom led display by running them around an object either at an angle. We can sink the message signs into a surface to make it flush, run them up walls, recess displays into floors, place them behind nearly opaque glass or run them across ceilings, we can even install the LED message signs within a circular light well as shown in the gallery above.


The blue LEDs are stunning and catch the eye of any potential customers. It makes what some people might see as a very routine item look much more stylish. You can use custom led displays like this to show current promotions, customer evenings, future promotions and lots of other information. The message signs built into point of sale retail units are a stunning addition to any retail outlet. We created and installed custom LED signs which comprised single line outdoor LED signs within a freestanding information panel. Mainly for tourists and visitors, the main panel showed a map of the area and the LED message signs were used to continually show tourist information, promotional or advertising messages. We really can build the LED message signs into anything.  Skype:verypixel  2007-2018 Verypixel. All Rights Reserved Sitemap