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Stage art has been a priority all the time in the work of large evening party creation, the stage shape, colors, and form of Stage art, it is not only represent a artistic taste of show, and showing the party theme directly, it is also a decisive effect on the performances of plays.




Almost all the big party, it will regard Stage art design of the party as the first important work after project confirmed. The types of large program are rich, and almost all the director group hope that the party also has the characteristics of flexibility, in order to meet the special needs of Stage art modeling in the processing of the party and also meet the requirements that it can be synchronized with the program content. The emergence of LED technology and popularity makes the big party maker see the utmost chance to achieve their dreams, LED technology constantly upgrading in recent years, it make the big party use lower cost to realize the implementation of LED video wall mass building, at the same time, it also can use a variety of flexible LED material to produce various surface effects of LED Stage art scene, and one of the most typical example is the Spring Festival Evening show of CCTV every year.


The use of LED video wall from the earliest way of one large area in the main screen plus two side screens, it is gradually transited to the comprehensive utilization of panoramic video wall and a full range of three-dimensional video wall. However, convenient technical ways doesn't really mean efficiency, the comprehensive utilization of high-tech ways on the stage, it does not mean the performance level in the stage has really improved. Throughout the domestic large scale party, the author combines the executive experience of himself in a large party, and summed up the use erroneous zone when using the large-scale party LED video wall:


1. The abuse of real picture results in the Stage art design and the form of program content has a great conflict in the formal sense.


Update of LED screen manufacturing technology, this made many production team and sponsor like the screen "HD" characteristics, errors in the creation process is easy to enter the "penny wise and pound foolish." In order to reflect the characteristics of the plasma screen, producers often are specially shot in play in live video wall real video as background stage. For example, in the song and dance show, a lot of playing city landscape picture, human life picture, and want to combine the interpretation of art and reality show screen, but it always run counter to one's desire.


The stage show always pursuit of high sense of form, use color, light, shape for the long, and most real shooting video, the color is too rich in the film, as its main stage background, it would bring great damage to the form of stage show, leaving the audience "not over" and "not know what to see" the messy feeling, originally used in the design to strengthen the program effect, finally it also has brought huge impact to the viewers, but it also violates the basic principles of the program for service stage design.


2. the abuse of LED screen damaged the stage lighting effect


The cost of LED screen is gradually reduced, this made many creators blind pursuit the concept of “ full scene video Stage art”, they use a lot of LED screen in the Stage art design, What’s more, all the Stage art parts are all instead of LED. But a lot of creators ignored the reality that LED screen can put a lot of light pollution to the stage, after finishing the design fabrication, when the overall light synthesis it is too late to regret.


In the overall program design, the light plays a huge role, it can make the whole stage presentation space sense of magic and sense of hierarchy, so that the overall vision is more interesting. In the stage of traditional design, the only source of light is the light system, the director, lighting designer, Stage designer cooperate together, then it can use light to create a unique stage space. But when LED uses a lot, great changes have taken place in the situation, the light source stage space except lighting system, it also has a variety of self luminous LED screen, LED screen in the process of various video playback, and because of the changes of the image, not changing their light intensity and color, this characteristic, the stage lighting control become more complex, the light is more challenging.


3. Simply focus on overall effect, regardless of partial LED screen usage, which make difficulties in TV broadcast.


Many large-scale party spots require live broadcast. The creative team should take the effect of the live show and propagation characteristics of the TV into consideration.


The basic unit of the TV screen is a different view of the lens. Simply speaking it divides into panoramic, medium shot and close-up. However, live shows always focus on "panorama" effect rather than medium shot, especially lack of consideration of close-up.


In the traditional production of Stage art, TV camera crews can find low brightness background or color difference background as the subject background to implement a unique TV screen artistic effect. With widely use of LED screens nowadays, if we did not take the needs of TV footage into account before design, the playback would lack of three-dimensional eventually and the subject image would be easy to overlap with background thus would greatly reduce the effect of television broadcasting.


4. The Stage art is lacking of the sense of space design, it is a beam of the show visual extension.


Compared with the traditional design techniques, the use of LED technology and video stage, and the biggest characteristic is to create second space. Through a variety of unique 3D technology, the director can create a virtual visual space through the LED screen, the integration of this space and real space in the stage, it can greatly broaden the show visual space this let the audience have a spatio-temporal crisscross feeling, and show a very rich visual effects stage.




But in fact, most of the party creative team when using the LED screen, they still regard it as the traditional two-dimensional flat, and not to turn it into a three-dimensional space to deal with, the stage visual effect the final presentation, not only to maximize the advantages of LED, also lost the traditional stage design features The loss outweighs the gain..We often see these errors in the big parties, how to make LED video Stage art can really play its characteristics, in order to better service for the party, the author also tries to put forward the following suggestions:


1. In the early time of Stage art design, we need format of the big "visual" team to carry out the creative work. The author has to communicate with many Hong Kong and Taiwan as well as foreign large-scale performance team, these experienced creative team will form a including stage design, video design, lighting design, program director and other professional creative team in the early time when start a project. From the program created, then they will let various professional people deeply get involved in it, when determining each idea, it need ensure that the high level technology implementation. Compared to most of the domestic production team first show idea and content, and then make surrounding work involved in the process, the early work of forming big "visual" team is more beneficial to the consistency of program appears eventually, it can make a variety of artistic means unity as an objective, it also can ensure the eventually program visual and artistic effect.


2. Using the Stage art as a portion of program content, and let Video Stage art to service the program rather than program to service the video. Many of the programs creative team are at program creation, they are often used to do addition, they hope the stage performances and background video Stage art respectively undertake more functions, and in order to achieve better results, but the reality is often just the opposite. Characteristics of stage performance determines the positioning stage for video program, a program has multiple functions of ideas is not reality, if you want to ensure that the final performance, video choreography destined to stage performances in the subordinate status, but not overwhelming. Both video color tonality, movement speed, screen brightness, must be subordinated to the overall atmosphere of the program requirements, and to ensure that the program content and video "with the same kind of language".


3. The Video Stage art production needs to put an end to pursuit "big" and "dazzle". At present, many domestic large-scale party organizers are all pursuit of the grand scenes and fresh new of dance elements, it is no ground for blame, but in the actual production, the pursuit of "big", "dazzling" does not mean good. The whole stage atmosphere of the party should pay attention to rhythm, it can do ups and downs, and it also can have both big and small scenes, only artistic conception can attract audience follow the rhythm of the program and continue to watch the show, otherwise it will bring the negative influence of visual fatigue.


Finally, I suggest you use our VP-Mesh series and VP-Flex series of products in the stage art design, it has the structure of thin, flexible modeling, image display and delicate features, combined with the above suggestions, I believe it can help you build a dazzling perfect stage.  Skype:verypixel  2007-2018 Verypixel. All Rights Reserved Sitemap