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LED TV is a bit of a misnomer but as manufacturers and retailers continue using this term, it makes its way into the public eyeball and is worth deliberating on the differences. LED TV are really just LCD TV that use LED lights for back lighting instead of the dazzling lighting traditionally used for LCD. Both adopt the liquid crystal diode (LCD) technology front panel containing the “twisting crystals” which define LCD technology. LED TVs trait two main forms of back lighting, edge lighting and local deceiving. Edge lighting has LED around the edge of the panel and this allows for extremely thin construction. Lately, through advancements in light emitting diode (LED) technology, these lights can be manufactured in very small sizes so even local deceiving back lighting LED TVs can have a very thin depth. Local deceiving back lighting features banks of LED lights behind the panel and these banks can be controlled to lower the amount of back lighting in dark areas of the screen and raise it in bright areas for higher contrast and better blacks. This is finished through varying features options in the TV. One recent example had an option to turn the local deceiving option on or off. We did notice an improvement in black levels with the feature on.  Skype:verypixel  2007-2018 Verypixel. All Rights Reserved Sitemap