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Outdoor LED Advertising Screen


How to do a good job of outdoor LED display maintenance work? In the outdoor, environment, air humidity, the weather is the main factor that affects the display, we in the installation of outdoor display, special attention should be paid to the wind, earthquake, carrying capacity, so as to better survival, running outdoors. In addition to the preparation, after the installation is completed, the display of daily maintenance work can not be careless. Specific maintenance considerations are as follows:


1. Keep power supply stable, protect good grounding


2. In case of lightning, strong typhoons and other weather disasters, you should cut off the power supply promptly, when the wether turns normal, turn on the LED Sreen power supply.


3. No water in the internal screen, no combustible material and easy conductive metal into the screen, so as to prevent short circuit and fire.


4. if there is water get in the screen, please cut off the power supply and contact the repair personnel immediately , it can be used until the screen inside board dry.


5. Switch sequence of LED display:
Switch on: first open the computer so that it can run normally, then open the LED display.
Shut down: close LED display screen, and then shut down the computer.


6. LED display surface can not use wet cloth to wipe directly, but it can use alcohol to wipe, or use the brush, vacuum cleaner to clean the dust.


7. In the rainy season the LED screen must be used once in a week. Screen generally need to open at least once in a month and lighting more than 2 hours.


8. checking the support structure stability of outdoor LED display regularly and the safety of power supply cable, it should be delt with promptly when it is damaged.


9. Do not cut off ,open and close frequently the display power supply, in order to prevent the impact of surge current. Avoid excessive current, power line heating is too large, LED pipe core damage , and then affect the life span of the display. Not allowed to disassemble and splice screen!


10. The main control computer and other related equipment of the LED display should be placed in the room with air conditioner and little dust, inorder to ensure that the computer can be ventilation  and stable working.


11. The internal wire of LED outdoor display need to be overhauled by the professional person.


12. Every year goes into summer, you should check the cooling down equipment in advance, such as air conditioner, fan and etc, in order to ensure the display can be used under the permissible temperature environment.  Skype:verypixel  2007-2018 Verypixel. All Rights Reserved Sitemap