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Select and planning LED display screen installation location


Due to the difference installation and application environment of LED Display, we need to select the LED display screen pertinently, we need to take the ambient light, temperature and humidity, display area, viewing distance and perspective of the LED Display into account, VERYPIXEL gives the following suggestions for your reference:


I.  Adapting The Automatic Brightness Regulating system

We know in the daytime and at night that the brightness changes greatly in the different time and places, if the play brightness of LED large screen display is larger than the ambient brightness 60% ,our eyes will obviously feel discomfort, that is to say this has caused light pollution to humans.Through the outdoor brightness collecting system, it can collect the brightness of environment at any time. Flat display control system by receiving data through software automatic conversion broadcast brightness for the environment.


II.  The multilevel gray correction technology

Normal LED Screen System Always adapt 8bit color display hierarchy, so there will be some stiff in some low gray scale and color transition. It will also cause some in adaptability to colorful light.  The new arrival large LED screen control system adapts 14bit color display hierarchy, it has greatly improved the hardness in the color transition. This can make people feel soft color when they are watching, and also avoid the discomfort from the light.


II.  Choosing the Installation location reasonably and planning the display area reasonably

There is an experience of planning in the Viewing Distance,Viewing Angles and Display Area,  at the same time in the image research, there are some specific design requirements tin the viewing distance and viewing angles of the Screen. In the display design, it should meet the design requirements as much as possible and plan reasonably.

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