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Signs or signage plays a very important part in our lives, and everywhere we go signs are there to guide us. Whether it’s warning us away from danger or inviting us to attractions or shops, signs play a vital role. Signage was first used as a way of advertising shops wares. These signs were used to grab the eye of the consumer and draw them into the shop. This humble beginning led to the now multi-billion dollar advertising industry that now employs different methods to attract customers. Today’s signage can be made from a wide range of materials and can include the use of powered light.


To help companies and shops to continue advertising well in to the night, the use of LED signs has grown dramatically. These signs are used to attract people’s attention even on the darkest of nights. You’ll have noticed these down your local high street and along roads, their bright colors and lights to grab the attention of passer-bys.  Skype:verypixel  2007-2018 Verypixel. All Rights Reserved Sitemap