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In today’s rapid development of science and technology, LED display are used frequently in the advertisement, performances, meetings, press releases and other large-scale activities, and the stability of LED display are playing an important role in the whole process, especially the rent series of live show activity . In order to achieve the effect of display, it need to transform the splicing style of screen, requirements for display need to be not only convenient installation and debugging but also have high stability. So how to improve the stability of rental LED stage screen? The following illustrate from three aspects: material selection, control system, real-time working state.



Verypixel LED Rental Display Series


The key materials determine the stability of display are LED lamp, IC, power supply, power supply signal connector and excellent structure design driven. Verypixel’s requirements for material selection: the international famous brand, do some related testing with higher than the industry standard, and various protection functions requirements. Like switching power supply selection must be overheating protection, AC input to support the wide voltage, anti surge. DC output must have the overvoltage, over current protection. Structure design need to ensure the appearance of fashion, but at the same time, it also need to ensure the good radiating way and fast splicing way.




VP-fastile-I10 LED Stage Background Screen


Each link of the system control scheme all have the hot backup function, including video transmitting, receiving device, signal transmission cable and so on, It can ensure that the unexpected situation in some links in the system, the system can automatically diagnose and also can be switched to the standby equipment speedily, the switching process won't have effect to the display. For example: in order to meet the stage scene needs, display need to have moving splicing styles in the live. If due to the negligence of staff or other reasons, the signal input line of a display screen intermediate occurred loose, in the conventional control schemes, from the occurrence of loose body to the end of signal cascade, all display will be no signal. If you add the backup scheme in the control system, when the signal line loose, then hot backup function is enabled, the display can still work normally, it will not bring any influence to live broadcast.


The working state of LED display can be monitored in real time by the computer, including temperature, humidity, voltage, smoke, the working condition of heat radiating fan etc. It can be dealt with automatically when something unexpected happened, providing the location and alarm for the abnormal. For example: when the temperature of the inner box is high due to the environment or other factors, so in the absence of timely treatment, the inside power of the box will have over temperature protection. If u keep monitoring in this working status monitoring in such case, the system will adjust the display screen through intelligent working state to reduce the internal temperature of the display. When the intelligent control can't reduce the temperature to set goals, the system will alarm by staff setting mode, and provide the abnormal position of the box body, notify the workers to deal with it timely. Keep the normal working state of display.


In order to improve the stability of display screen, Verypixel consider from material selection, hardware design, control system scheme and each comprehensive aspect for the customer, and they  also have an experienced, strong R & D team, Verypixel  is the first manufacturer for you to purchase rent LED display equipment.  Skype:verypixel  2007-2018 Verypixel. All Rights Reserved Sitemap